Seun Kuti Mocks AY Comedian After His House Caught Fire, Claims Ancestral Vengeance On His Behalf (VIDEO)


Renowned saxophonist Seun Kuti has intensified his mockery of popular comedian Ayo Makun, also known as AY, following a recent incident where AY’s house and belongings were engulfed by fire.

The incident occurred while AY and his family were away from home.

Seun Kuti wasted no time in ridiculing AY immediately after the fire, and he continues to do so weeks later.

In a newly released video, the outspoken musician informed his followers that he had gone live during the unfortunate incident to celebrate what he believed to be ancestral payback on his behalf.


Kuti alleged that AY had depicted his daughter as a dog in a disrespectful manner, and further accused the comedian of exploiting his personal struggles for comedic purposes.

Seun Kuti declared that it was now time for payback, revealing his intention to jest about AY’s misfortunes.

Furthermore, Seun Kuti took aim at AY’s comedic prowess, asserting that he lacks humor and that his performances fall flat.

In a shocking accusation, Kuti also labeled AY an abusive husband, claiming that no female member of AY’s household, not even his own daughters, respect him due to alleged instances of domestic violence against their mother.

This recent video from Seun Kuti follows his previous call-out of AY while mocking aphrodisiac merchant Jaruma, who is reportedly receiving treatment for substance abuse.

The ongoing feud between Seun Kuti and AY has captivated public attention, leaving many curious about the motivations behind their contentious relationship.

Watch the video below:

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