ONE MAN. The Text Of Speech Of Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, The Convener, Apostolic Round Table



The Text Of Speech Of Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, The Convener, Apostolic Round Table, at The 5th Anniversary and Annual Conference of ART.


*One Man* is a template that we have found in the scriptures. An idea that emanated from God. The world started with one man, Adam, in the wisdom of divinity. Thus, all through history, a pattern of leadership for order and re-ordering was established!

God picked one man as a model of His expectations for all men!

For the heart and attitude needed in worship and sacrifice, He picked Abel, his sacrifice was acceptable unto God.


The world went out of order under the leadership of Cain, at the fullness of the cup of that generation, God found Noah, (another One Man), as His model for the Next Generation!

For whatever reasons, God brought the idea of nationhood. He wanted a nation for Himself after which other nations will be patterned. One Man; Abraham will do the job!

Gen 14:13 (KJV): “And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; for he dwelt in the plains of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner: and these were confederate with Abram.

Humanity, with time went out of order. God, in a bid to rescue her and reposition her to build a nation (Church; in the sense of a kingdom he can call His own).

He sought for and when He e was found, He was sent!

Christ, as God’s *One* *Man* for salvation of humanity, was sent to bring to an understanding of God’s idea of an Hebrew; one from beyond! A model away from the rest of the pack!

Now let’s bring that back to political emancipation of the Nations!

In the event of the 2nd world war through the formation of the Allied Forces backed by UK and USSR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and later Harry Truman, brought America to the place of global leadership they envisioned which today is being challenged by China.

Singapore rose from third world to a first world queuing and taking their march behind one man; Lee Quan Yu!

The rise of China lifted about 800 million people out of poverty when the needed one man was found!

Brazil, under the leadership of one man; Lu la Da Silva, saw 400 million exit poverty!

At the height of the Asian Crisis, the Western media in a bid to stamp the influence of their governments, regularly pilored Malaysia’s Dr Mahathir Mohammed for not taking a loan from the IMF with its usual back breaking conditionalities. At the end of the day, Malaysia was stronger and better for it under their One Man!

Beyond politics, the question we are here to answer is; who is that One Man for us as a nation among the 18 in the race? And if this race doesn’t have the One Man, Who should be the space holder for the next four years and how should politics be done in this space of time?

I am amused at how ignorant the leadership of the Church are, or are pretending to be as Christians against the background of obvious onslaught of hell targeted on our faith, please, pardon my language.

A child will be left to nothing but tantrums if the parents refuse to listen to his “ba-la-blu, bu-la-ba”, apologies to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

It is sad that the polity is heated to boiling point without conscientious attempt to address real issues that border on our EXISTENCE in our quest for political survival.

The fate of who becomes the President is not the REAL issue at this point. There is a conspiracy! And it is complicated, and no one but God’s “ONE MAN” can save God’s plan for Africa!

There is the Western conspiracy that wants to keep Africa for what it is for them!

There is the one, from China that wants to edge out the west on African soil and have us for what we are to the West!

There is the Islamic Agenda that wants Africa for the same reasons as the West and China, coming under the guise of religion! This, of all the conspiracies, is the most potent against a people seeking gods to serve in everyone and everything!

There is the agricultural seed conspiracy intending to take seeds out of our hands to force us to depend on the LGBTQ-controlled West for seeds. I will expanciate on this when I take The Way Forward.

Ask yourself, why is Elon Musk, an African the richest man in the world today?

The reason is simple he is from Africa, finding the mineral resources powering his dream would have been impossible if he is not from where the minerals are located. The disruption he’s championing is unbelievable to the West, China and the Islamic World!

Musk is a generational leader, one out of many of God’s men out of Africa. Our political position in 2023 must be taken not just to elect a President but to position Nigeria as a leader in the world for the purpose our continent must serve in God for the next generation.

Please, the end is here and Africa is the city of refuge to which the remnants of the seeds of the woman shall flee.

Mothers and Fathers in the Lord here present. I plead with you to share my passion and see beyond politics for the need for a change of order!

In the context of a country with a population of over 200 million people with 135 million living below poverty level, How do we prepare and lead today’s younger generation to confront and overcome this challenges?

Without mincing words, this generation must be told to queue in the next election behind one man who models what they expect the next generation to look like.

The Nigerian situation of insecurity is why we have brought our brethren from the North to come speak with us first-hand of what their experiences have been, so that we are not just taking a decision as Southern Christians based on tribe and religion but an informed decision that will be of tremendous benefit to each and every one of us, we here have the best of Speakers available!

The peak session at Apostolic Round Table is the moment of the Round Table itself, participants usually take perspective on international issues to see how this impacts on us locally as a nation. We are discussing; *Global Population Decline:* An Agenda Compounded by Insecurity in Nigeria.

The round table this year is extremely rich with men and women of knowledge and exposure. I want you to fasten your belt as we take our flight together to the future we are here to fashion; *the New Nigeria!*

Thank you all for coming!

*God bless you!*
*God bless ART!!*
*God bless Nigeria!!!*


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