Nigerian Vet’s Encounter With Pitbull Goes Viral After Injection Mishap (VIDEO)

Nigerian Vet's Encounter With Pitbull Goes Viral After Injection Mishap (VIDEO)

In a heart-stopping incident caught on camera, a Nigerian veterinarian found himself in a high chase as a pitbull he was administering an injection to managed to break free from its chain.

The video of the heart-pounding encounter has since gone viral, leaving viewers both captivated and astonished by the daring escape.

The footage begins with the vet cautiously approaching the powerful pitbull, fully focused on the task at hand.

Little did he know that this procedure would soon escalate into a race for his life.


As he positioned the needle, and administered the injection step by step, the dog’s chain unexpectedly gave way, setting off chaos.

In a split second, the startled owner warned the vet to flee from the unleashed canine.

The urgency in her voice was clear as she shouted, “Run, run!”

Reacting swiftly, the vet  ran for safety, his legs carrying him away from the determined pursuit of the raging pitbull.

The video has since generated a whirlwind of attention on social media, with users sharing laughs at the veterinarian’s pace and the speed of the unleashed pitbull.


Netizens have been left both amazed and entertained by the unexpected turn of events, sparking a flurry of comments and discussions.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, and both the veterinarian and the pitbull emerged intact from this incident.


Watch the video below:

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