Meet Afolabi Fasanmi – Here’s How He Earns $60,000 a Year as a Food Photographer & Chef Living in Lagos

Meet Afolabi Fasanmi - Here's How He Earns $60,000 a Year as a Food Photographer & Chef Living in Lagos

In this episode of Rediscover TV’s “New Money” series, we get to meet Afolabi Fasanmi, a 28-year-old Nigerian living in Lagos, Nigeria. He earns $60,000 a year as a commercial food photographer and chef. As a freelancer, he realises he needs to find a way to spend within his means while still pursuing his passions for photography and being a chef, and one of his decisions to do so is to live with his sister and a friend to reduce his rent expenses.

He studied business administration at Babcock University, and even though he hated school, he realised he had to apply lots of the things he learned there to his business.

He has been able to improve his finances by making his business better by working with top brands and also creating content for social media to increase his reach.

This series shows how different people in Nigeria earn, spend and manage their money to help others make better decisions as well.


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