Man Who Predicted Queen Elizabeth’s Death Predicts Wave of National Disasters To Start From The End of 2023


Self-proclaimed psychic, Athos Salome, also known as the “Living Nostradamus,” has predicted a wave of catastrophic floods and earthquakes worldwide.

Salome, recognized for accurate predictions, notably forecasted the death of Queen Elizabeth II and Elon Musk renaming Twitter to “X.”

In his latest prediction, the fortune teller cautioned about impending floods and earthquakes in the coming months, specifying the exact locations of these disasters.

While highlighting potential volcanic and seismic activities in the Pacific Ring of Fire, particularly in Java, Indonesia, and the coastal stretch from northern California to southern British Columbia, he emphasized the need to avoid spreading panic.

Athos foresees increased hurricane and cyclone intensity in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Thailand. He mentioned high-risk storm areas like the Gulf of Mexico and Florida, urging adequate preparation.


Despite forecasting global death and damage, Athos believes that proactive measures can still be taken to mitigate the impact.


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