Golden Terra Soya Oil exciting consumers, says TGI

Tropical General Investments Group

Tropical General Investments Group has said the recently introduced Golden Terra Soya Oil Mega-Fill Pack is gaining positive consumer reviews in the Nigerian market.

According to a statement by the company, the new Mega-Fill pack which comes in a tamper-proof refill pouch ticked the boxes for consumers who are constantly looking for all-purpose healthy cooking oil that fits into their weekly family-size purchase requirements to enhance the natural taste and aroma of food and fries.

The statement read in part, “The trendy 1-litre pouch is in keeping with the current trends of consumers who are becoming more conscious of their spending, based on limited purchasing power and understanding of the consumers’ desire for an affordable healthy oil in a refill pouch that meets their needs.

“Golden Terra Soya Oil is the ultimate kitchen companion! Not only is it enriched with vitamin A, but also a rich source of Omega-3 and 6, with zero cholesterol and zero Trans Fat.”


Sharing their excitement about the one-litre pouch, a number of consumers express their delight with the newly introduced Mega-Fill Pack, it added.

The Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, says the concept behind the introduction of the Golden Terra Soya Oil Mega-Fill Pack was to excite consumers with a pack size that meets their weekly purchase and offers affordable Soya Oil for their meals.

He added, “We are moved by the level of satisfaction consumers have expressed in their feedback on this pack. We believe that as the positive word on the Mega–Fill pack spreads, more consumers would be encouraged to accommodate it in their weekly purchase needs.A

The statement quoted one Mrs Ehi Osadolor, a proud mother of three who lives in Benin City, Edo State, as saying that she got to hear about Golden Terra Soya Oil refill pack from her neighbour who has been using Golden Terra Soya Oil to do all her cooking.

 “As a mother of three in this economy, I am very mindful of my spending. I was delighted when I saw the Mega-Fill pack in my neighbourhood, knowing that I can now buy one sachet that will last me until my next shopping day. I am happy the manufacturers considered us that like to eat healthily but do not have much money to buy in bulk”, she said.

“Golden Terra Soya Oil Mega-Fill Pack offers value when it comes to balancing quality with affordability, while also retaining the benefits of good health, taste and convenience. This is the standard we have resolved to maintain.”

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