Foluso Gbadamosi’s ‘Unleash your Superpowers’ will Help You Maximise Your Strengths | Pre-Order Here at a Discount

Foluso Gbadamosi’s 'Unleash your Superpowers' will Help You Maximise Your Strengths | Pre-Order Here at a Discount

Do you ever wonder why certain activities leave you drained and exhausted while others energise you, making you feel like could take over the world?

If you’re looking to understand the mechanics behind your energy levels and strategically maximise your ‘energisers’ and minimise your ‘drainers’ as you navigate various components of life, we have great news! Foluso Gbadamosi, a ‘Gallup Certified Strengths Coach’ and award-winning corporate executive is releasing a new book centred around this theme called ‘Unleash Your Superpowers’.

The book is set to launch on December 18, 2022, in paperback and e-versions. The launch event, tagged ‘Book Launch and Conversations’, will feature fireside chats with successful high-performing individuals who harness their SuperPowers daily to lead successful fulfilling lives.

‘Unleash Your Superpowers’ redefines talents through the prism of research, fact-based theories, and the ‘CliftonStrengths Assessment’ to take readers on an empowering journey of true self-improvement based on awareness and application of their innate talents.

By teaching you how to focus on developing your talents into strengths instead of trying to turn your weaknesses into strengths under the guise of ‘doing better’, ‘Unleash Your Superpowers’ hands you the keys to an energised life of self-awareness and self-management marked by all-round success and fulfilment.

Speaking on the book, Foluso says:

As readers engage with concepts in the book, my hope is that they kickstart or continue the journey of discovering their talents, proceed to deploying them in different areas of life, develop them into strengths, and ultimately dominate their corners of the earth by living a life of purpose.

You can pre-order the book at a discounted rate here.

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