2023: Why the office of the citizens is not sold out in Idanre/Ifedore By Tunde Akingbondere


By Tunde Akingbondere

Over the months, I have closely monitored how our people are being lobbied, romanced and campaigned to by the different parties contesting to represent us at the Federal House of Representatives in Idanre/Ifedore. I have really enjoyed the competitive process involving the most serious personalities and constituents in the legislative business.

The opposition People’s Democratic Party is the headquarters of the most resilient and irrepressible human beings, with a focused gaze on the finishing line and trophy. They have proven to embody an uncommon resistance against the many vituperations, lies, bullies and name-calling of the ruling and opposition APC.

The ruling party and All Progressives Congress, while trying to boldly accost people with its assurance of winning, boastfully leverage on insignificancies, call people names. They claim to have gotten the Certificates of Return from an election that is yet to take place.

Election periods, to me, is a time when even boastful politicians have to be fully garbed in humility, they are expected to withdraw into their shells as monks, all in full supplication to the will of the masses. The masses and the _first among equals_ are in the stead of being romanced in Idanre/Ifedore, being subjected to public derision and ridicule. They are being buried before their death, predicted before they initiate decisions. This should not be so.

The game of the people cannot be manipulated or foreseen even by the greatest of talismen, seers and prophets. It is not clear until it happens in the past. A politician who, with his full chest expresses assurance of winning, even before the conduct of an election must have been banking on the money in the bank and not the goodwill. He also believes the conscience of the people is up for a price he has in his kitty.

I am of the firm belief that the office of the people in Idanre/Ifedore is not in any way sold out. The masses shall troop out with the intention of rewarding character, excellence, courage, leadership and determination.

They must not be deceived by the self-conceited, pecuniary and condescending assurances being peddled by the overrated opposition who boastfully pretend to have gotten the conscience of the masses in their hands. They must go out and exercise their free-will and franchise to elect a credible and quality candidate in Festus Akingbaso.

Festus Akingbaso

Contesting elections is never a platform to talk down on personalities who have been putting their best into serving the people. It is not good enough to glory on throwing a lot of jibes at the innocent man whose only sin was the courage to rise and show interest in serving the people. One who claims to be an intellectual does not continue to embarrass the mandate given to him by the people by publicly clamouring a cognitively deranged, gaffing Tinubu, as the president of the totally confused Nigeria.

The coast is clear for Festus Akingbaso.

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