Yhemolee’s girlfriend, Bisola reacts to claims that they broke up over infidelity on her part

Bisola reacts

Bisola, the girlfriend of media personality Yhemolee, has reacted to viral claims that they broke up over infidelity on her part.

Netizens woke up to reports that the couple had parted ways after they unfollowed each other on Instagram. This comes only a few months after they went public with their relationship and got matching tattoos.

Bisola reacts

While netizens were wondering why they broke up, an unconfirmed report claiming that Yhemolee dumped Bisola because he caught her in bed with another person went viral, sparking mixed reactions from netizens, with many criticizing Bisola.


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In reaction to the backlash, Bisola has now gone online to debunk the allegation, stating emphatically that she never cheated and was never caught cheating on Yhemolee.

She also alleged that the rumor was circulated by people with bad intentions who want to use the situation to tarnish her reputation.

Read her full statement below,

“I have become aware of the allegations making rounds on various social media platforms against me. Allegations which are now currently trending on these social media platforms.
I have been advised by friends and family that these allegations are not worth responding to or addressing in any way, but I understand that these allegations touch on my reputation and affects those who care about me, so for the sake of my reputation and loved ones, I have to respond.
I would therefore like to categorically state that throughout the duration of my previous relationship, “| NEVER CHEATED AND I WAS NEVER CAUGHT CHEATING”.
For more emphasis, throughout the duration of my past relationship I never cheated and cheating was not the issue that led to the end of the relationship. The narratives spreading are false and misleading. I have reason to believe that these narratives are being spread by people of ill will, who are taking advantage of the unfortunate turn of events to bring my reputation to disrepute.
For the sake of my mental well-being, this is all I wish to say on this issue.”

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