Who Wins Ondo APC Primary? Asks Dr Shola Agboola


    We have viewed with serious concern the rate at which many Aspirants trooped out to buy the #50million Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms for the 20th April Primaries and drawn the following conclusions: –

    (1) On the side of the party, it’s a form of revenue generation and an avenue to collect back part of the Statutory Retuns some beneficiaries from the party had failed to cough out. . .

    (2) Many of the Aspirants also are structureless political paper weights who are merely looking for political relevance so as to be considered for appointments or contracts when the divinely anointed Governor ascends the throne.

    . .(3) It’s either some of the loudest noise making Aspirants have suicidal tendency or they are just preparing grounds for the main opposition party to kick them out of office in a Bayelsa-like manner. . .

    (4) The main opposition parties will no doubt jubilate at the emergence of any of the Aspirants with the following colourations, which fall within both Pre and Post Election litigation matters:- .


    . *(a)* Aspirants whose academic certificates and other documents are being challenged and who are also threatening to unleash mayhem on the state should they fail to sail through. . . *

    (b)* Aspirants who are discovered to have been indicted in one way or the other due to the fleecing of Ondo State people and the Federal government to the tune of #500m on certain NDDC project of a Non- existing Community called UBOERIPATO. . [

    (c)* Aspirants on the list of AMCON Debtors to the tune of over #59billions among other illicit financial transactions. . *

    d)* Aspirants with proven allegations of having fraudulently forged the signature of Ondo State Late Governor and failure to account for the State’s Subsidy Removal Palliatives etc. . *

    e)* Aspirants who are found to have demonstrated unparalleled degree of hooliganism by fuelling their fleet of Campaign vehicles in a militant manner, refusing to pay up at gas stations and even bullying and wounding innocent petrol station attendants, a matter that is still being investigated

    From all indications 99% of the current Aspirants are unfit to be afforded APC ticket, as their stinking records will provide suitable grounds for the opposition parties to litigate against, even if they manage to win.

    The Presidency certainly needs to play a vital role in presenting the most senior Progressive as the Party’s Candidate. An aspirant, who possesses the CHARACTER, CAPACITY, CAPABILITY and COGNATE Experience to fly APC flag during the November 2024 Governorship elections will do the magic.

    So far only one humble, sincere and 100% loyal aboriginal Progressive by our own reckoning seems to be above board, the pendulum is still swinging towards, who had once declared that if he is not considered, he would remain in his party and cooperate fully with whoever emerges to ensure victory for APC. Your guess is as good as mine as we journey towards April 20th, 2024 . . *

    Dr Shola Agboola

    . SW Independent Voters Forum*

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