“The Senate is only speaking up for the masses because it affects them” – Paul Okoye blasts Nigerian Senate for requesting more time to swap naira notes


Singer, Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy has tackled the Nigerian Senate for calling for the extension of the deadline of the swapping of the redesigned Naira notes.

The Senate recently called for the extension of the deadline for the swapping of the Naira notes to June 2023 for fear of the scarcity of the newly redesigned notes to common Nigerians.

Taking to his Instagram story, Paul accused the lawmakers of speaking up only because this particular policy affects them and the election.

According to him, the lawmakers didn’t speak when the masses were hungry during the pandemic and palliatives because they were not affected.


He wrote;

“During pandemic, people were hungry, where was the senate when the palliative were discovered?
Same government were hiding food for their citizens, they were silent and dumb because it doesn’t affect them.
Now with the CBN naira redesign they became spokemen for the poor 🤮 cos it affects them.
Imagine there was no election…
Aswear they won’t say Pim!!
NIAJA wise up🧠”


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