The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost For Donald Trump By Wumi Akintide


... In  Colorado, Arizona, Michigan & Minnesota. 

By the language of the Constitution as intended by Thomas Jefferson who edited the final draft of the Constitution, and the other framers, I can tell you tonight that Donald Trump cannot be on the Ballot in all of the 50 States of America.

As of this very moment with the breaking News out of the Colorado Supreme, I can affirm that Donald Trump stands disqualified as eloquently argued by Conservative Judge Michael J. Luttig and Harvard Professor of Law Laurence Tribe

That said, I want to remind you that Arizona, Minnesota and Michigan have already come to the same conclusion that Donald Trump had spearheaded and had participated in the insurrection or a Coup d’Etat whose intent was to seize political power by force in a country governed by the Rule of Law.

I can assure you that many more states out of the remaining 46 are going to have to come to the same conclusion pretty soon and before the US Supreme Court finally rules on the decision.


This has now become a Certiorari injunction or decision that the US Supreme Court can I’ll- afford to delay only to their peril as the highest Court in the Republic.

Donald Trump now finds himself tonight between the Devil and the Deep Sea.

He is faced with a binary choice right now in my opinion.

Does he face the Death or take the plunge into the deep Ocean where the Sea Lions are waiting to swallow him up.

I said it before and I am going to say it again that Donald Trump stand disqualified from being a candidate in 2024.

If he is allowed to run or get away scot-free that could only mean that he has not paid any price at all for planning and staging a Coup which is a crime that would have led to a Capital Punishment for him in any other country but America.

Trump is able to enjoy that rare privilege only because America is a Democracy but it is the same Democracy that Donald Trump has been threatening to end from Day One, if he is elected in 2024?

What an Irony?

I told you I am not even a Board- certified lawyer but I feel profoundly qualified to offer this opinion because America runs on a Jury System where it is ordinary citizens like me with no legal background or qualifications that are called upon to make the final ruling but they are only guided by the presiding Judge on the nitty gritty of the Law for them to be able to reach their unanimous decision or otherwise on who wins or loses in every criminal litigation in America

So I am well within my right as a bona fide citizen of America to express this opinion.

Am I not? Let me know what you think?

I am all ears, Ladies and Gentlemen.

This law suit brought by 6 Colorado Citizens has now become a milestone ruling which has now correctly determined that Donald Trump has committed the insurrection and has run foul of Section 3 of the 14 Amendment.

I rest my case.

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