POLICE STAFF COLLEGE JOS: 50 Years Of History, Tradition, And Resilience.By Solomon E. Arase,


.By Dr. Solomon E. Arase, CFR, NPM, fdc, FCIArb (IGP Rtd)

Nestled atop the picturesque plateau of Jos, the Police Staff College commands a unique vantage point, surrounded by the undulating highlands that characterize the region. Jos, with its elevated terrain, not only offers a breathtaking panorama but also provides a serene and inspiring backdrop for the training of the nation’s law enforcement officers.The College, akin to a sentinel overlooking the highlands, has become an integral part of Jos’s landscape, symbolizing resilience and commitment

.2. Adding to the College’s distinctive history are the anecdotes of its creation, woven into the fabric of its architecture. Crafted by Canadian architects and structural engineers, the institution stands as a testament to the international collaboration that birthed its edifice. The marriage of Canadian design expertise with the unique landscape of Jos is a story etched into the College’s foundations, mirroring the synergy required in the realm of law enforcement. Just as the highlands shape the terrain of Jos, the Canadian influence in the College’s architecture enriches its character, creating a harmonious blend of global craftsmanship and local context.

3. In the enchanting landscape surrounding the Police Staff College Jos, the chirping of birds becomes a harmonious anecdote, weaving itself into the very fabric of the institution’s daily life. Picture the sun-kissed mornings as officers gather for training sessions, the gentle symphony of birdsong acting as a natural overture to the day’s endeavors. As cadets engage in outdoor exercises or gather in contemplation, the spirited chirping of birds serves as a constant companion, punctuating the air with a vibrant melody. It’s as if the feathered inhabitants of the lush surroundings have become honorary participants in the College’s commitment to excellence, their songs a testament to the harmonious coexistence between the institution and the natural world.

4. In the quiet moments, when the hum of activity subsides, the sounds of nature take center stage. The rustle of leaves, the distant murmur of a breeze, and the soft chirping of birds create a soothing backdrop. These moments, often occurring in the serene corners of the College, serve as a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness between the academic pursuits within the institution and the serene beauty that envelops it. This unique blend, like a tale whispered through the corridors, adds a layer of distinction to the College’s narrative, making it not only a center for learning but a symbol of cultural collaboration and architectural finesse. The Police Staff College Jos draws its inspiration from renowned institutions abroad, including the Police Staff College Brams Hill, West-Yorkshire Police Training and Development Centre Bradfield, and City Metropolitan Police Handel, all located in England.


5. This strategic modeling has allowed the College to seamlessly blend international best practices with the specific needs and challenges of the Nigerian context. IGP Kam Salem’s foresight in establishing the College marked a pivotal moment in the nation’s law enforcement history. With a focus on training officers in both operational and strategic cadres, the institution aimed to create a cadre of police officers equipped not only with technical skills but also with a profound understanding of their roles as guardians of justice and public safety. The Police Staff College Jos has been a crucible of learning, where officers undergo rigorous training, not just in the technical aspects of law enforcement but also in the values that define a true custodian of the law.

6. As the Police Staff College Jos commemorates its remarkable fiftieth-year milestone, it stands not merely as a passive witness to the relentless march of time but as a living testament to a legacy intricately woven with threads of history, tradition, and unwavering resilience. Picture, if you will, the College’s journey akin to a seasoned storyteller, narrating tales of steadfast dedication and monumental achievements. Within the hallowed halls of this venerable institution, each corner echoes with stories etched in the annals of law enforcement education. Officers, past and present, have walked the corridors, imbibing not only knowledge but also the ethos of a profession noble in its pursuit of justice.

7. The celebration of fifty years is not just a reflection on the years gone by; it is a recognition of the indelible mark the College has left on the character and capabilities of over sixty-five thousand police officers and personnel from other security agencies that have passed through its gates. The College has played a pivotal role in shaping the professional landscape of the Nigerian Police Force. The training curriculum, designed with precision, encompasses a spectrum of subjects, including criminal law, community policing, crisis management, and the latest advancements in technology relevant to law enforcement. The emphasis on continuous learning ensures that officers remain at the forefront of contemporary policing methodologies, positioning them to address the evolving challenges of a dynamic society.

8. Time, like an unrelenting force, has woven its threads through the architectural tapestry of the Police Staff College Jos. The elevated plateau, once a pristine canvas for Canadian architects and structural engineers to leave their mark, now bears the subtle scars of weathering and the passage of seasons. Nature, with its quiet persistence, has added its strokes, reminding us that even the most resilient structures are not immune to the gentle erosion of time. As the highlands surrounding the College stand witness to the changing landscape, a similar transformation has unfolded within its walls. The once-vibrant hostel facilities, accommodations for senior officers, inspectors, and non-commissioned officers, and lecture arenas, have fallen victim to the wear and tear inflicted by both time and nature. The echoes of architectural grandeur, envisioned by those who laid the foundation, now resonate amidst the aging structures, silently pleading for restoration and rejuvenation.

9. The imperative for continuous improvement has never been more apparent. The College, a guardian of knowledge and professionalism, finds itself at a crossroads where the call for overhauling facilities is not just a desire but a necessity. The need to renovate accommodations, modernize lecture arenas, and create a conducive environment for optimal learning is paramount. The resilience of the College, showcased through its acknowledgment of these challenges, is a testament to its commitment to providing a space that fosters both professional growth and optimal learning experiences.

10. In recognizing the need for change, the College stands ready to reclaim its architectural glory. It beckons not only for restoration but for a revival that transcends the limitations imposed by time and nature. The story of the Police Staff College Jos is not one of surrender to decay but a call to action—a call to breathe new life into the edifices that have weathered storms, both literal and metaphorical. It is a plea to stakeholders, custodians of knowledge, and those who hold the future of law enforcement in their hands. The legacy of the College, shaped by its history, traditions, and resilience, calls for a collective effort to preserve and enhance the architectural foundation upon which its educational mission stands.

11. With heartfelt gratitude, we extend our sincere appreciation to the individuals and organizations whose unwavering commitment and collaborative efforts have brought about the transformative celebration we embrace today. In particular, we express our deepest thanks to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Security Sector Reform Foundation (GS-Foundation), working in conjunction with PORTO, CLEEN Foundation, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), and the Office of the Chief of Staff to the President. Their collective dedication has resulted in the commendable refurbishment of the Central Planning and Training Unit (CPTU) under the auspices of the Supporting Police Reform Processes in Nigeria (SPRPiN) project.

12. As the College embarks on the journey towards revitalization, it invites all who share in its vision to contribute to the restoration of its architectural brilliance. It is a call to action to bridge the gap between the past and the future, ensuring that the physical embodiment of the institution reflects the enduring spirit that has defined it for half a century. Together, let us renew the commitment to excellence and create an environment where the next generation of law enforcement officers can thrive, learn, and carry forth the legacy of the Police Staff College Jos.

13. Amidst the current challenges faced by the Police Staff College Jos, lies a trove of untapped benefits waiting to be harnessed through strategic digitalization. With an expansive capacity to host a thousand course participants, the College possesses the latent power to revolutionize police service delivery not only within local communities but across the entire Nigerian landscape. Leveraging its rich history of training officers from West African countries, the institution is poised to emerge as a pivotal regional hub for the advancement of law enforcement education.

14. To unlock this potential fully, there is a critical need for the establishment of a robust E-learning Centre and Data Infrastructure within the College’s premises. Such an initiative would not only address existing challenges but also position the institution at the forefront of technological advancements in law enforcement education. The integration of ICT would usher in an era of heightened connectivity, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making, thereby bolstering the College’s role as a trailblazer in the field.

15. As we envision the future of the Police Staff College Jos, the horizon gleams with the promise of international collaboration and knowledge exchange. Envision a scenario where the College becomes a magnet for exchange programs with key police colleges worldwide. This initiative, akin to inviting guests into a richly adorned tapestry of learning, holds the potential to infuse new perspectives, methodologies, and international best practices into the very fabric of the College’s curriculum.

16. The Police Staff College Jos, extending beyond its academic role, serves as a dynamic hub for inter-agency synergy. Offering courses not only to the Police but also to the Military, EFCC, Immigrations, Customs, Civil Defence, NIA, and other security agencies, the College fosters collaboration in its classrooms. For decades, it has hosted personnel from various agencies, particularly in the biannual Advance Detective Course, becoming a crucible of shared experiences, unraveling complexities, and collectively addressing multifaceted challenges. In these shared spaces, the College stands as a catalyst for collaboration, forging bonds among diverse arms dedicated to safeguarding the nation

.17. As the College celebrates its golden jubilee, it does not merely mark the passage of time but stands as an embodiment of institutional wisdom, resilience, and adaptability. It beckons the future with arms wide open, inviting not only the promise of international exchange but also the harmonious blending of diverse agencies into a unified force against the challenges of contemporary law enforcement. The Police Staff College Jos is not just an institution; it is a living narrative, an ongoing epic where the chapters written thus far lay the foundation for an even more illustrious future.

18. As the curtains fall on the illustrious fifty-year journey of the Police Staff College Jos, the institution stands not only as a commemoration of the past but as a living testament to a legacy forged in the crucible of history, tradition, and unwavering resilience. As we behold the College standing tall, its foundations strengthened by the trials of the past, we are met with a resounding affirmation—a celebration not just of milestones but of a profound and enduring commitment to shaping the guardians of tomorrow.

19. In contemplating the next fifty years, we are met with the realization that the journey ahead is rife with potential and possibilities waiting to be unfurled. The rejuvenation, renovation, digitalization, and upgrading of facilities emerge not as mere initiatives but as catalysts for a transformative evolution. These endeavors are not just about preserving the legacy but about enhancing and enriching it, ensuring that the Police Staff College Jos remains at the forefront of the nation’s security architecture.

20. The College, standing at the threshold of a new era, is ready to face the future not just with resilience but with renewed vigor. Its commitment to excellence, akin to a beacon guiding the way, establishes it as a cornerstone in the monumental task of shaping the guardians who will safeguard the nation’s integrity and uphold the ideals of justice and service to the Nigerian people.

21. As we cast our gaze forward, the promise of continued evolution beckons—a future where the Police Staff College Jos transcends its national borders and assumes a pivotal role on the global stage. The rejuvenated institution, with upgraded facilities and a commitment to harnessing the latest in technological advancements, positions itself not just as a national asset but as a beacon of international excellence in law enforcement education

.22. Long live the Police Staff College Jos.23. Long live the Nigeria Police Force.24. In the words of the great Tai Solarin “May your road be rough”END

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