“Pack followers, no relevance” – DeeOne denies knowing Bella after she threw shades at him over his comment about Phyna (video)

DeeOne denies

It’s evident that drama never ceases among Big Brother Naija stars, as they are consistently embroiled in one saga or another. This time, the dispute involves Phyna, Bella, and their senior colleague, DeeOne.

DeeOne, a participant in the 3rd edition of the show, claims not to know Bella, a participant in the 7th season, after she threw shades at him for doubting Phyna’s claim that she rejected a man who offered her N5 million to sleep with him.

DeeOne denies

You will recall that Phyna made this revelation in a recent podcast session. According to her, the guy propositioned her with N5 million, but she rejected him, offering to send him the said amount instead to prove that she can’t be ‘bought’.


However, DeeOne, skeptical of her claim, expressed doubt online and challenged her to provide proof or a way to verify her assertions.

DeeOne deniesDeeOne denies

In response to DeeOne’s statement, Bella suggested that some people don’t believe Phyna because N5 million is a big deal to them.

She tweeted, “When they think it’s a lie cause they can’t afford it. 5m is literally just a flight ticket.”

Although she didn’t mention any names in her post, DeeOne took it personally and fired back, stating that he doesn’t even know who Bella is.

DeeOne deniesDeeOne denies

He added that she merely has a lot of followers on social media but lacks relevance in society, hence why he doesn’t know her.

He also asked a female friend if she knows Bella, and she also denied Bella’s existence, in a seeming attempt to belittle her.

Watch the clip below,

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