NLC Playing politics with the Masses’ Emotions.  By High Chief Tola Adeniyi


The game the Nigerian Labour Congress is playing with the Masses regarding strike actions is too dangerous and calamitous for the country.

Calling people out, working up their emotions and hyping their game-plan does not portray the Labour and Trade Organizations as serious or reliable or even trustworthy.

What’s the essence of doing cat calls without proper homework and without exhausting all negotiations with the government?

The way the Labour Congress is carrying on, a time will come when nobody will heed their call. And worse still, masses may resort to self help and become wild and out-of-control. That will definitely set serious danger and calamity in motion with unpredictable consequences.

Should Nigerians be forced to resort to a Revolution, no force anywhere would be able to contain the fire.


NLC should be careful and stop being a pun or ping pong.

The country is too tense and emotions too brittle to be toyed with at this point in time.

…..High Chief Tola Adeniyi.
February 27, 2024.

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