Nigerians root for Ebubu, Yvonne, Kanaga


The maiden edition of TV reality show, Big Brother Titans, holds today, and many cannot wait to see who will be the last man standing and grab the $100,000 prize money.

For the first time, the franchise reality show paired only Nigerians and South Africans, instead of the larger cast of African countries.

As the grand finale of the novel reality show, it goes without saying that the Nigerian audience is more invested in the Nigerian contestants in the last draw for the grand prize.

The last Nigerian men standing are Ebubu, an actor and model from Anambra State. Reported to be the first albino to make it to the last stage of the competition, he has a lot going for him to emerge tops in the game.


Similarly, Kanaga  is an actor and model from Abia State.

One of the highlights of Kanaga’s stay in the house was his relationship with South African Tsatsii.

An Engineering, Biotechnology and Microbiology student, her profile described her as ‘cerebral and grounded, yet equally curious about life’.

The last woman standing, Yvonne, is a 28-year-old lady from Always Ibom State. She is a model and content creator.

Their South African counterparts in the finale are Ipeleng, who is a Law student who is originally from the North West but lives in the Guateng province of South Africa.

Others are Khosi, a journalist, who is from KwaZulu-Natal, but lives in Johannesburg, South Africa; and Tsatsii.

It only remains to be seen who will be the last man, or woman standing at the end of the night!


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