Nigerian Man Showered In Powder After Wife Gives Birth To Baby Boy (VIDEO)

Nigerian Man Showered In Powder After Wife Gives Birth To Baby Boy (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man has captured the attention of social media users after being showered in powder to celebrate the birth of his newborn son.


The touching moment, shared on a popular social media platform, shows the proud father being bathed in powder by those around him, as he expresses his gratitude to his wife for “giving him a brother.”

The video, which includes scenes of the newborn baby and the mother, has resonated with viewers, who have praised the father’s joy and the family’s celebration of the new arrival.

The caption accompanying the post provides additional context, with the father affectionately thanking his wife and professing his love for both her and the baby.

 ‘Momma, thanks for giving me a brother. I’m so happy, and I love both of you so much.’  The caption read

The heartwarming video has struck a chord with social media users, who have expressed their delight in witnessing the moment, leading to a wave of reactions from viewers online.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

@prettymama061: May God give u more funds to take care of them both 🙏🙏

@Kik46: big congrats to you both God did

@Agigpe: congratulations boss, but why una waste powder so?

@fingas: awwnnnn, sey na your mama abi ur wife?🤔

@opex: congratulations bro, more blessings❤️

Watch the video below:


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