Nigeria-Canadian Priest worried over poverty, insecurity in Nigeria, tasks Tinubu


A Canadian-based Nigerian Priest, Rev. Fr. Patrick Ampani, has urged President Bola Tinubu to focus on implementing initiatives that would lift Nigerians out of poverty.

Ampani, who commented on the 63rd Independence Anniversary, told NAN in New York that the president should focus on restoring the trust the citizens had lost in their previous leaders.

The priest advised Tinubu to make efforts to win back the confidence of citizens through implementation of credible projects

“The government should be concerned with the wellbeing of the masses, ensuring their security, protection of their properties, and creating job opportunities and an enabling environment for businesses.

“It is impossible to create a thriving nation without security, job creation and policies that promote business.


“All the hope that a nation has is embedded in its ability to create a secure environment, empower the youths through credible education, create job opportunities and policies that encourage businesses to grow,’’ he said.

According to him, the president should demonstrate that his government has the credibility to be transparent in enforcing the rule of law.

Ampani, who is a Chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces said Nigerians had a lot to be grateful to God for and urged them to continue to reflect on the sacrifices of the founding fathers.

“I celebrate the great courage and conviction of the founding fathers that first dreamt of national freedom and liberty in pursuit of happiness.

“Also, I congratulate my fellow compatriots for the journey so far and encourage the citizens to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made by the founding fathers.

“To reflect on their sacrifices and the vision they had in mind for the development and prosperity of generations of Nigerians.

“Also, to reflect on how we have either been contributing in enforcing their vision for a better nation and, or how we have failed to be on board in building the vision they founded,’’ he said.

Father Ampani said every citizen ought to be oriented through schooling and other governmental agencies to learn to make a commitment to contributing their talents in an effort to achieve the common goal.

“On the other hand, the government ought to create an enabling environment where citizens could thrive in pursuit of excellence and recreate a better future for their children and many other generations to come.

“On this note, I would encourage my fellow compatriots not to focus much on what individual government leaders may be doing which may not align with the vision of the founding fathers.

“But we should make an effort at our respective levels to do what we consider to be right and be the change we all desire to see in the society,’’ the priest said.

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