NIGERIA: A Sheep Nation Ruled By Goats By Moses Oludele Idowu



By Moses Oludele Idowu

I was reflecting on the problem of Nigeria once and the solution and I heard these words – “Sheep Nation.” Upon further probing and deeper introspection I got these words in my hearing: – “A Sheep Nation Ruled By Goats.” This was several years ago and I am just sharing this for the first time.
In the universe there are voices and there are voices. There is also the Voice that speaks to us during our quiet moments and even during sleep. In the cool of the day.
Some of us are of this frame and I am alive today because of this Voice because it also offers me protection showing me where to avoid and where not, when to travel and when to stay. This is why I love solitude. The crowd is a burden to me; and sometimes I would leave my family to be alone. Because I have learned that this Voice speaks during periods of quietude and total silence.
Back to Nigeria.
There are sheep nations and there are goat nations. Nigeria is a good example of a sheep nation and United States of America, is one good example of a goat nation.
You could do anything to Nigerians and get away with it. A ruler could put any yoke on their necks and they will still praise him and celebrate him. Picture how the Nigerian Press, our adulterous and carnivorous press worships Olusegun Obasanjo and picks every of his acts as if he is God? How long has our legislators been paying themselves at our expense something our economy can ill-afford? Yet life goes on in Nigeria. No one looses sleep over it. Youths spend their energy on Arsenal and Liverpool competitions.
The same legislooters are celebrated with awards of doctorate degrees by universities that can no longer be found in the register of international scholarship and distinction, by your churches that do not know the meaning of the Cross or mosques that are closer to 7th century both in their thoughts and actions than the 20th century. That is a sheep nation, full of sheep people. You know sheep don’t complain and they move in group and together – identified by their poverty, innocence and simplicity. Except that Nigerians are neither simple not innocent.

Americans on the other hand are goats, majorly. And the nation is a goat nation. Try and mess up with them and you regret it.
In one state the legislature tried to do what our own has already perfected: increasing their salaries through legislation. One man left his work and began to go from town to county collecting signatures until a state congress was called. The people voted and rejected the increase of salaries by law. The signatures were collated and the bill was defeated by the people. In the following election all those legislators lost their seat as Americans rose against them.
That is a goat nation. That is why American government has learned their lessons and they don’t overstretch their luck. If the worse comes the people brings out their guns to enforce their rights themselves, if government refuses to do it. That is the purpose for the gun rights in the American Constitution.
That is a goat nation. You know goats have horns so if you hammer it too much he will turn against you with his horn.
Sheep has nothing. Except God, whose patience is infinite and long-suffering is limitless.

Bill Clinton during the campaign for his presidential election was warned by the Gun Rights Agenda not to visit Texas if he did not want to die. Trust Clinton, an old Southern fighter who is not afraid of war. He sent back to them to them to get their guns ready and he too would get his own. That is Americans for you, a goat nation.


The trouble with Nigeria is that it is a sheep nation; but that alone is not the trouble. The trouble is that it is permanently ruled by goats – the worst and the most unprincipled set of he- goats, lacking in logic, truth, patriotism, honour etc. They do not even know that it is in their interest to govern well, to seek the welfare of the sheep because sheep are naturally easier to govern unlike goats. Nigerians don’t ask for much, they ask for minimum and they won’t complain because they are largely sheep. They are trusting and believing and ready to support and sacrifice. Just give them the required necessities, the basics to get along with their lives. And even for this the “he- goats” who have ruled this nation even finds this too much.

Two major information came to light this last two weeks that could make a nation to burn, except a sheep nation like Nigeria.

The first has to do with the discovery of 9 kilometers of pipeline that has been ferrying 250,000 barrels of oil per day; and we are told this has gone on long for almost 9 years. Now wait a bit.
The discovery was not made by Nigerian Army or Navy that bestride our territorial waters and not by the Air Force. Alas, it was made by “Tompolo’, a non- state actor just engaged for surveillance. Every year defence gulps the lion share of our budget, in addition to billions and extra budgetary spending on ammunition and manpower. And for all these out Navy did not know that this heist has been going on for 9 years. So how safe are we under these men and women?
Think of the loss this has brought to Nigeria while our government continues to borrow from both hell and purgatory to meet needs. I have said it before in a paper, ” Nigeria does not have a money problem, it has an idea problem, a management problem.”
Even for an average of $80 per barrel and at an official rate of N420/$1 do you know what that means. By my calculations it comes to $156.4b for 9 years at $80/ Barrel average. Of course we know for the most portion it was sold for even above $100 per barrel.


This is just one angle of the trouble.
NNPC itself admitted that 400,000 barrels of crude oil are stolen daily from our shores. They know how much is stolen but they don’t know who is stealing them in an age of electronic, computers and satellites. The Israeli Navy and Air Force and Military Intelligence could trace movement of arms from Iran to Lebanon and could trace shipments through tunnel to Hamas in other nations but our own Navy and Air Force could not trace shipments and stealing of crude by tanker vessel on our own territorial waters. For your information, it takes a 3 million Tanker Vessel 12 days to load 250,000 barrels of crude.
So Peter Obi was right. A poor man cannot engage in that kind of criminality; such cannot happen without the ruling elites and government as accessories to the fact.

The government through NNPC – one of the most secretive, occultic, criminal institutions running public assets – spent N17b on technology to track movement of crude oil. Yet it took a Tompolo’ to see what NNPC technology or computer could not locate.

The NNPC paid N50 billion for a software to monitor movement of oil tanker loading fuel, according to Human Rights lawyer Femi Falana despite that they told us that even millions of imported refine fuel are being stolen every day. Is it possible that a corporation like NNPC does not have the statistics of how much fuel is consumed per day?
The Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR) informs us on February last year that Nigeria consumes and needed 38.2 million litres per day. Several months later the figure shot up to 102 million litres per day even when traveling has reduced due to insecurity and the economy is in recession. These fools in NNPC probably see all of us as fools and that we don’t think.
How can Nigeria consume this amount of fuel daily? Is Nigeria also picking the bills of Niger Republic consumers as well. Then at the House Hearing the GMD of NNPC declared that 40 million litres of gasoline are smuggled daily. To which the Customs Chief, Col. Alli told him is a lie. That amount of fuel cannot leave Nigeria without the customs knowing, which is true.
This is what NNPC has become under Muhammadu Buhari who is the Minister of Petroleum.
Nigerians thought they changed the thieves robbing them for catchers in 2015. No, they changed one class of thieves for a more sinister, arrogant and hypocritical set of robbers. They changed Niger Delta class of thieves for Northern set of robber barons.
Oil is presently selling for above $100 due to Russia- Ukraine War and happily OPEC has given us a generous quota of 1.8 million barrels per day. Alas, Nigeria under APC government of Buhari claims it can only produce 900,000 barrels per day. According to Falana this is the first time in 50 years that Nigeria cannot meet her quota and is not in war. What happens to the remaining quota, the unfilled quota? Stealing. The stolen crude, that is where they go. Thus 50%- 80 % of our crude is probably stolen to meet the unfilled quota.
Can you call that a nation, where such happens?
But Nigerians being sheep, are not bothered. They leave everything to God and go to their churches to pray and fast for God “to bless Nigeria.”
The trouble is this: if God will bless Nigeria it will first be by removing the wicked people and heartless thieves in charge of her affairs. That is the real blessing, not by adding anything to the soil of Nigeria or her ecology. With the goats in charge of Nigerians affairs no yams are enough and you can’t stop goats from eating yams. This is the very illustration Goodluck Jonathan himself gave when speaking on this confirming that indeed Nigerian rulers are goats. And goats are very stubborn and ruthless; that is why even when you advise them and send memo to them about the way forward they won’t listen. Goats don’t move unless you get a big stick or rod before they move. Perhaps that is why they listen only to terrorists and militants, people with the same goatish spirit like they are.

Now why does this matter?
This is why Nigeria is a hazard and why other nations need to rise up and even the United Nations fast. In a nation where $156b could disappear and no one cares from the Treasury that nation is dangerous to other nations. With that amount of money you could destabilize even other African nations and even many European nations. Why should one nation constitute such danger to other nations? If Nigeria wants to endanger herself and her citizens, fine and good. But why should it also be allowed through her careless lifestyle endanger other nations and citizens?
This is why United Nations and even other nations should rise up and step into what is happening in Nigeria since Nigerians have been conquered and voiceless in our nation. Have you heard the print media carrying this since the news broke out?
Nigeria is ruled by syndicates, syndicates thieves and gangster collectives, people who in their ways and principles are worse than the drug lords of Colombia and the Mafia, the red brigades of Italy.
What this information shows is that for 9 years, that is throughout the life of this administration this stealing of crude has been ongoing. Thus the lie that someone came to “change” anything is hereby exposed. That someone is a man of integrity who has come to fight corruption is also exposed. If anything it now appears that this government did not come to fight corruption, it came rather “to fight for its own corruption.”
Another election cycle is around the corner and as usual they will tell you all manner of things. They are good at propaganda, they are students of Goebbels, and they control the press – the self-serving illiterate and corrupt Nigerian Press.


Just while this was being debated and examined another disturbing thing was released by Sahara Reporters new network. That 101 of Boko Haram Prisoners were let loose in what could only be a swap between government and the terrorists group.
Accordingly the government through the Defense Ministry debunked the allegations but the press release was so vague that it did not actually deny the allegations or do justice to it.
If true then we have reached a kind of low we should not even seek to fall.

*40 billion On Ex- Governors and Deputy’s Pensions*

Then this information also surfaces when the Zamfara former governor, Ahmed Sanni Yerima, Mallam Sharia, write to demand his pension for the year according to information in the news.
One of the most obscene laws ever passed by the Houses of Assembly is the Obscene Law called Pensions for Former Governors. Lagos State started this racket, if my memory is correct, under the same man who now wants to rule the whole nation.
Each state now has its own variety of this Hamman Act. When a people have lost a sense of honour anything is possible. Nigerians may be sheep but they are sheep without honour. They can do anything for money or power. Americans may be goats but they have honour and they will ask questions.
The provision of this law which is similar in all states goes –

– 100% of annual basic salary.
– 6 new cars every 3 years.
– 300% basic salary for furniture.
– 2 DSS officers and 8 police officers and ladies to carry madam’s handbag
– 1 house in Lagos and another in Abuja
– Vehicle renewal maintenance allowances
– house maintenance allowances
– Pensionable drivers…

The list goes on. All because we have the misfortune to have had these leeches, these vermins as governors and deputy governors for 4 or 8 years. Do the maths. It goes up to N40b a year. When you add this to the one – third or fourth that goes to the National Assembly then you know that democracy in Nigeria is not a blessing. Adolf Hitler argued and confessed why he hated democracy because it “enfeebled a nation.” Has our politicians not prove that man right now? Is Nigeria not poor and feeble today than in 1999?
Do Nigerians know that it is your future and the future of your children that are being eaten by these vermins and leeches today? Who would pay all these debts that they are incurring that cannot be verified in actual projects?
Do this nation of sheep realize that one day the goat nations will require their money back and if you can’t pay you become their slaves?
Indeed, sheep are sheared for slaughter. This is where most Nigerians are headed barring divine interventions. Continue to bleat like sheep for politicians and your favourite parties while they lead you to the slaughter slab. On the other hand you can change your sheepish nature and organize and take actions. These are not shepherds, these are wolves, dare devils who can eat the future of children and their parents. Consortium of robbers. Gangster collectives. It is time to rise against them. It is time for action and action now.
It is time for the slaves to meet their slave drivers in open combat. It is time for Collision and it is my purpose as a writer to instigate that Collision as I predicted in my piece, THE COMING COLLISION. It has started in Kogi State. Soon it will in Benue and every other state.
Sheep of Nigeria, arise and throw away your yoke. Sheep of Nigeria WAKE UP. TAKE ACTION.

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© Moses Oludele Idowu
October 15, 2022

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