My story proves anyone can make it — Oliver Nakakande – Punch Newspapers


A model, digital creator and philanthropist, Oliver Nakakande, has said the fact that she could make it despite the several hurdles she had to overcome is proof that anyone can be successful if they put their minds to it.

Speaking on what inspires her philanthropic acts, she told Saturday Beats, “I grew up in a challenging society, where girls dropped out of school because they lacked basic needs such as sanitary items. That was what inspired me to start the Oliver Nakakande Foundation, which gives second chances to teenage mothers to go back to school, while also empowering young girls to stay in school. I strongly believe in the power of education, and I believe that when we educate our girls, we put them in the perfect position to make the right choices in life.

“My story is proof that anybody can succeed and become whatever they want, regardless of whatever background they come from.”

The model, who won the Miss Uganda 2019 pageant, also noted that she was looking forward to working more in Nigeria. She said, “As you rightly mentioned, Nigeria is Africa’s biggest market, when it comes to fashion and entertainment. All African talents need to tap into this ever-growing industry. I believe in diversification, and I understand the value of connecting with others. I am excited to see what Nigeria has to offer.”


Nakakande also opined that there should be more diversity in the fashion industry. She said, “The modelling industry needs to embrace diversity, especially on the international scene. Africa has so much to offer regarding art, ideas, models and designers. I will like to see more inclusion, collaboration and appreciation of our worth.”

Asked to state the highlights of her career, she said, “I have had several highlights over the years. I am glad that I have participated in top fashion events, such as ‘Dubai Fashion Week’, ‘New York Fashion Week’, and ‘Fashion Week DXB’. I was also recently honoured by the Nelson Mandela Leadership Institute for my contribution to the African educational sector.”

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