Lady scolds her pet cat over its refusal to eat its meal (VIDEO)

Lady scolds her pet cat over its refusal to eat its meal (VIDEO)

A pet owner shared a video on social media of herself scolding her pet cat, over its rejection of the kind of meals it was offered.

The video which she posted with the caption ‘your pet cat refuses to eat anything other than meat‘ gained a lot of reaction from netizens, as they found the cat’s attitude funny.

In the video, the pet owner is seen speaking to her pet over its decision to starve instead of eating the food she offered it; a kind of cereal.


According to her, the cat only wants to eat meat, she went on to compare her cat to other cats within the neighborhood claiming those ones eat only what they find along the roadside but her cat keeps selecting what to eat.

As she stressed on the fact that the type of meal it wanted is expensive, the cat kept squinting its eye… annoyed with the cat’s reaction, she angrily spoke to it saying ‘you would fast for three days straight’.

See how some users reacted,

If u don’t like cats 🐈 here’s a “dislike”button 😒

This particular cat 😍😍😍 always the orange cats with an attitude 😂 real Garfield

In that cat mind you’re the one that is the pet oh😂

The cat be like “talk finish make l chop meat”😂


Watch the video,

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