“Kung Fu master” – Reactions as lady creates scene at a mall while wearing VR glasses (VIDEO)


A young lady has caused a buzz after a video of hers creating a scene at a mall while participating in a Virtual Reality game was shared online.

Immediately the lady wore the VR glasses, she swung into action and began to display different fighting moves.

The people around her found her action extremely amusing as they wondered what she was seeing in the VR glasses.


The action she displayed caught the attention of others within the mall, causing them to stare at her more.

The lady unaware of her surroundings continued to fight the imaginary opponent while people around her recorded the activity.

According to the lady, she thought what she was seeing through the VR glasses was real and it really scared her.

The video which was shared on TikTok by @queensplashcakes has gained a lot of attention from internet users, with majority referring to her fighting moves as ‘Kung Fu’.

Below are some of the reactions,

@mirable 💙:  And I was screaming Kung fu master 😂😂😂

@LONER:  See as you day entertain the full mall😂😂

@complexityy❤🤗:  I kept on watching and the more i watched the harder i laughed😂😂😂girl was really fighting for her life with her kung fu moves😂😂😂

@PreorderBridge:  This is really embarrassing and fun at the same time😹😹😹😹

@Bãbydôll🥰🌹💅💋💎:  You don go kunfu school before😂😂😂😂😂

Watch the video below,

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