Job Vacancy: Software Developer

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Job Vacancy: Job title: Software Developer

Job description: Job Description:

Our client is a leading Fintech company with an innovative payment solutions and services. They have built a trusted payment infrastructure that allows digital payment possibility without hassles.

The Software Developer will be responsible for developing software and applications that will support our business goals, uphold the integrity and security of the technological infrastructure, and collaborate with the other teams to achieve the profitability drive of the organisation.


  • Analyze Requirements, Define Problems, and Architect Solutions.
  • Assign Tasks and Measure/Monitor individual and team progress.
  • Manage Products, manage deployment platform, and manage multiple integration to external subsystems.
  • Manage Team to deliver solutions efficiently and effectively.
  • Participate in Innovation and Creativity.
  • Ensure support and continue improvement for payment platform and for end-users.
  • Secure Code repository, manage build process, and ensure all code base are sufficiently documented.



Language Proficiency in C# or Java (including JavaScript to a lesser extent)

a. Data Structure and Algorithms.

b. SQL Querying – TSQL, LINQ to SQL, etc.

c. Concurrency, Multi-Threading, Delegates, Asynchronous Systems, Lambda, etc.

d. Instrumentation and Logging.

e. Secure Coding & Identity Management.

Backend Skills

a. ASP. Net Core 5 or Net. 6 for Restful Web API 2.0 (if applicant is a C#developer).

b. Java Spring Boot (if applicant is a Java Developer).

c. Entity Framework (EF) 6 or later.

d. Unit Testing – Automated Testing

Frontend Skills

a. MVC, Razor, or Blazor

b. View JS or Node Js

c. React

d. Angular

e. Cloud Computing: using Azure Blob Storage – An Added Advantage

Software Architecture Skills – Candidate must significantly be proficient in all or some of the following:


b. Some of the following Design Patterns:

1.Observer Pattern

2. Singleton

3. Abstract Factory and Factory Pattern

4. Builder Pattern, Strategy Pattern, Decorator Pattern

5. Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control

6. MVC Pattern

Advanced Programming Technologies:

a. Development of Middleware

b. Reactive Programming (Knowledge of at least one of: RX .NET, Reactive JS, RX Android, or RX C++, RX Swift)

c. Azure Core/Data – not mandatory

Developer Tools – VS Code, Visual Studio, Swagger, Fidler, Postman, Git, TFS, etc.

One Mobile App Development Skill (Android, IOS, Flutter) – This is not mandatory but an added Advantage

Location: Lagos, Lagos State

Job date: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 05:14:04 GMT

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