“He still has the audacity to deliver it” – Dispatch rider who was sent to deliver a bowl of catfish and banga soup eats it all (VIDEO)


A lady has been left disappointed and sad, after a dispatch rider who was asked to deliver a meal of Banga soup and catfish to her, ate it all.

A video that she shared on her TikTok page and is currently being circulating on all social platforms, captured the remnant the rider left in the bowl.

Livid by his actions, she questioned him several times about what happened to the food and what she was supposed to do with the remainder.


His voice which wasn’t quite audible in the video, could be heard telling the lady it was a mistake and he had already explained to her about what happened to the food.


Netizens who came across the video, have trooped to the comment section to share their opinions regarding the action of the rider.

Below are some of the comments,

@veevogee:  For those saying he was hungry. Hope you know he can still get food from the money he was paid??? Integrity is still Winning 💯

@sandypreneur:  This is why I find it hard ordering food and leaving my food in the hands of total strangers all in the name of delivery.🤦 It’s either I go to eat at a restaurant or I cook at home biko.

@lyfdramah:  believe me, he will pay in full cos this is not hunger

@blingsvilla:  People get liver ó, what if it’s poisoned?! 🤨 A full-grown adult o, not a child! That’s terrible 

@glambyadu:  This thing happened to me before, He ate ram meat and replaced it with ponmo

Watch the video below,

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