“God loves you more than He hates divorce. Don’t go and die there” – Chartered accountant, Oluwatosin Olaseinde advises women


A Nigerian accountant, Oluwatosin Olaseinde, has opined that a marriage that ends in divorce is better than one that is filled with domestic violence.

Sharing on the microblogging platform, Twitter, Oluwatosin stated that as a Christian it was important to understand that even though God frowned against divorce, he would not want people to die in abusive marriages either.

According to her, marriage was a huge deal in this part of the world and for a Nigerian woman to dump you, it simply means she has had enough.


She wrote;

“A lot of people ask me that as a Christian why am I vocal about divorce. I am vocal about it because God loves you more than he hates divorce. Don’t go and die there. Once they strangle you during an argument. There’s stats to show that the chances of him killing you is high.

Of course nobody is advocating for divorce over minor things. And before a Nigerian woman divorces you. Trust me she has tried. Marriage is a social capital here. People respect married women. It’s a thing of pride. Let’s not lie. Also the cultural impact.

So for someone to dump all that advantage. Haaa she has seen things. Also this is NOT the case 100% of the time but in a lot of cases yes it is. Pls if you’re looking for support system reach out. Don’t go and die there plsss”

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