Ghanaian man narrates how lady who agreed to split bill with him on a date came empty-handed

Ghanaian man narrates how lady who agreed to split bill with him on a date came empty-handed

A Ghanaian man identified as @MisterElikem has narrated how a lady who agreed to split bills with on a date came empty handed.

Sharing on the microblogging platform X, he said that it was the lady who initiated the outing and also agreed to splitting the bill.

When the bill was brought to them, the lady mentioned that she thought he was joking when he asked that they split the bill.


Further revealing that she only came out with 12ghc, which he confirmed in her purse.

Some internet users who were familiar with the restaurant however questioned him about why he picked to eat at that restaurant of all places.

He wrote;

“I was somewhere and this long time friend of mine texted me that we should go out. I was like okay cool, where should we go? She said either Oliver Twist Shack or Cypher place. I’m unemployed and broke so we agreed on a split because charley I have to be real with her. Las las we settled on Oliver Twist. So I got to Oliver Twist and she got there about 20mins later. I ordered bottle water first and she ordered Malta Guinness. Few minutes later, she ordered fried yam and wings so I also decided to order a mocktail. After all we are going to split and pay the bill. We chit chatted while she ate and I was also drinking my mocktail. The mocktail got finished in the glass so I put it down for the ice to melt so that I’ll be able to suck something. When the bill came and it was time for us to split and pay the bill, this girl said she brought only 12ghc. She said she thought I was joking when we talked about splitting. I checked her purse and she was actually serious. The bill was 275 in total and I had 315ghc on me. I paid the total 275ghc and it was left with 40ghc.”

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