“Everyone is inflating their prices because of my CAR!” – Influencer astonished as traders increase the price of their items by 300% after spotting him in his expensive car


Nigerian social media influencer, Ajebo Danny shared how hawkers increased the price of their items by higher percentage after spotting him in his car.

Sharing on the microblogging platform, X, the influencer stated while he was driving through the traffic he felt hungry and decided to buy sausage roll but he was shocked at the price the hawker mentioned. He also shared the amount he purchased a bunch of plantain, thinking it was not the season and he is not a fan of negotiating prices.

The influencer was shocked at the price he was charged for 50,000 naira at the POS stand; he later realized they were all charging him at high price because of his expensive car.

He wrote;


I was driving through traffic and saw Gala and my tummy suddenly remembered i had not eaten all day. The guy came, i asked how much, “N500 sir”, i was like Gala sef don reach N500? he said “this na the big one.” I said okay it’s probably inflation. At the second light, i saw ripe plantain, as a huge fan of plantain i couldn’t look away, How much is plantain, he said N5,000 for the bunch, i wasn’t sure it was expensive or not, it’s probably not its season, i just bought (I personally don’t like pricing hawkers) Then i got to the POS stand, i wanted N50,000, how much charges, he said “N5,000”. I was like chill, so N1k for N10,000? He replied, how much you go pay? That was when it dawned on me, everyone is inflating their prices because of my CAR! I just went home and sent my assistant, POS charged him N300 for N10k I guess i have to adjust to no longer buying stuff in traffic.

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