Demystification of Bodija Empire By Lanre Ogundipe



Are you a student of Oyo State political history? If not, I wish to point it out to you that what happened in the just-concluded Governorship and House of Assembly elections, unlike the ones before, them is unprecedented, both in conduct and results outcome reliability.

“Ajise bi Oyo laari, Oyo kiise bi baba enikookan”.

Returning the state to its past glory, some great minds in Oyo State are resolute in their decision that their land must be returned to the path honour laid by their past heroes by whatever means to make it so.

The decision that earned Ibadan the political headquarters of the Yoruba race is being challenged and turned into a den of gamblers – Political Alarobo (merchants) Almajiri (urchins) Jagba (snatchers) Pakute (trap).


Nothing good comes to the people because these sets of heartless political bandits have hijacked the structure to oil their political machinery and pave way for their cronies and wards to have a space for political maneuvering and misbehaviour.

A drama piece written by Professor Bode Sowande, titled ‘Flamingo – All Flames Must Go’, came handy to those of us involved in Project ‘Clean Off The Stable’ to ensure the sanctity of the Latin pattern of Vox populi, vox dei to reinvent the grace that ensures that people’s voice be honoured and not the husband and wife and buccaneer business partners taking decision over and above competent people in the state.

The revolution to liberate Oyo State from the hands of these political hyenas has been a tough one.

Take a look at thousands of polling units established in various locations within the state, can we say which one of them is Seyi Makinde’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not firmly rooted concerning yesterday’s elections?

The wall of Jericho, like in the days of Israelites in its wilderness struggles, crumbled – the dynasties of these Alarobos was flattened.

Seyi Makinde has again been reaffirmed as another Joshua that will continually deliver us from the political agberos without cease.

If we do a graphic analysis of Seyi Makinde’s victory at the polls, it is outstanding and deserving. For instance, his adversaries who have been thoroughly put to size by his victory are now gnashing their teeth. Let’s take them one after the other:

*RAL was not only defeated in his polling unit, he was humiliated in his local government of Ibadan North and Ibadan South-West, his family compound;

*Penkele lost in his polling unit and was also humbled in his local government;

*Oga Tessy Unity – Jagba exponent – the Pakute of Ibadan politics was routed in his father’s compound in both the Ibadan South-East and Ona-Ara Local government areas;

*Oyo State Broom Chair who hails from Otu in Itesiwaju Local Government Area got dusted in his polling unit and the entire Oke-Ogun area;

*Son of the late loquacious immediate past governor of Oyo State suffered intense defeat in Ibadan South-West;

*So also, the late governor’s blood brother, another Tessy at a time during his brother’s reign, the Ibadan South-East chair, was defeated in his family house at Oja Oba;

*Yemi Ade, the stormy petrel of Akinyele Local Government Area politics was floored and had his wings clipped;

*The legendary former Aafin Molete’s money-counting human machine and also the APC/PDP ‘disunity’ apologist and the former deputy to late former Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala did not escape the hurricane sweep at the polls;

*A popular Liberty Road event centre owner was not spared by the gale. He lost his constituency in Afijio Local Government Area;

* The self-styled strongman of Igangan in Ibarapa North Local Government Area and the late Alao-Akala’s former commissioner of Environment did not also escape the Makinde sunami;

* The erstwhile Education Commissioner under the late Governor Ajimobi, a professor from Ido Local Government Area, also kissed the dust;

* An old ally of the former Oyo State helmsman, RAL Lakondoro who has stronghold of Ido Local Government Area, lost his grip of the local government. He was roundly defeated in the area.

….relieving them of their burdens….
Word on marble for omo alade…..

Lanre Ogundipe

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