Democracy Day: Adopt 2014 Confab Report – Bishop Isong to Tinubu


The Bishop of Christian Central Chapel International, CCCI, Bishop Emmah Isong has urged the federal government to adopt the report of the Sovereign National Conference of 2014.

In an interview, Isong who is also the national publicity Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria said, “Nigeria needs to go back to the report of the Sovereign National Conference of 2014 where all Nigerians came together to talk about issues like revenue sharing, balance in the region, equity, constitutional change and adopt its resolutions.”

Isong contended that if the country must move forward as a nation, issues of equity and justice and the immunity clause in our constitution among other issues should be looked into.

He stated that without this, the country will continue to go around in circles instead of moving forward.

The PFN boss who was reacting to the Democracy Day celebration disclosed that though Nigeria has enjoyed uninterrupted democracy for 25 years, only five percent of Nigerians have enjoyed democratic dividends.


According to him, only those in the corridors of power, as well as politicians, are enjoying the dividends of democracy in Nigeria.

He said the present democratic system in the nation favours the politicians more.

He was worried that, following what they benefit, politicians want to perpetuate themselves in the positions they occupy.

The clergyman further pointed out that there has been a deterioration of morality and fear of God in the hearts of the country’s leaders.

He stated that “the problem is not actually with democracy as a system of government but in the operation.”

Isong added that a lot of the politicians who win elections in Nigeria forget their manifestos immediately after they take their oath of office.

Isong said, “Nigeria needs a new kind of democracy with lots of constitutional adjustments and adaptability to suit its peculiar African culture.

“Nigeria cannot continue in a democracy where during elections, politicians arm thugs who go on a rampage with weapons and people run into their houses to hide and at the end positions are filled with the worst Nigerians.”

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