CORRUPTION: A Hydra- Headed Monster- JAMB



Corruption is a cankerworm, which has eaten deep into every aspect of the socioeconomic life of Nigeria. It is a hydra-headed monster, which tentacles had not only tarnished the good name of many leaders, but has also stifled the development of the country.

Hence, it is not uncommon in the country nowadays to see or hear of fraudsters walking scot-free after perpetrating their heinous deeds, evading law enforcement agents and even when caught, perverting the course of justice.
Prospective UTME candidates are not left out as many have been caught involving themselves in various forms of examination malpractice to secure higher scores by hook or crook just to gain undue advantage in the admission process.

These heinous practices have now become so ubiquitous that they had wrought untold havoc on national life. One other area of concern is the educational sector, where square pegs had found their ways into round holes, as candidates with lesser abilities wantonly displaced those with higher abilities in the admission process.

For our nation to return to the path of greatness and achieve her developmental aspirations, integrity must be the watchword, a feat that the current management of the Board under the leadership of Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, had been championing for a while now.


Undoubtedly, when one’s thoughts and actions are based on sound values, rather than on personal gains or selfish interests, such actions are bound to have positive influence on national life.

Furthermore, it should be noted that valuable things do not come cheap hence Prof. Oloyede’s campaign against corruption is no different as he had made huge investments in personnel and material resources such that the Board’s sophisticated machinery has made it absolutely impossible for any scammer to bypass the system.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the just-concluded 2023 UTME was adjudged the best so far in the history of the Board on account of the near zero cases of examination malpractice recorded.

If only Nigeria could sustain the tempo, then its developmental aspirations could be achieved sooner rather than later. All that is needed is for everyone to play their part and shun corrupt practices.


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