Boris Johnson Resigns From Parliament, Quilty of Lying — Analysis By Wumi Akintide

The huge difference between British and American Politics is amplified by the resignation of Boris Johnson today from Parliament.

Boris Johnson resigned today from the British Parliament for being proved to have lied to the country but the twice- impeached and twice-indicted Donald Trump who stole Nuclear Secrets, and has lied a million times, is still out there campaigning to be President again in 2024.

He would long have been forced to quit and to resign in total ignominy, if he were a British politician to whom a lie is a lie regardless of whether it was made under oath or not.

Donald Trump even lies under oath because he creates his own reality and he passionately sticks to it regardless of the truth.

America the so-called Super Power and leader of the Free World has become a joke in the Committee of the ideal Democratic Nations of the World.

Why for God’s sake?


Because the Republican defense of an aberration of an outlaw President like Trump has now come to the statement succinctly summarized below:

“If you people indict and convict our guy who had shoplifted and had stolen Nuclear Secrets, we would embark on civil disobedience and commit acts of violence”

That is what Donald Trump’s sick and delusional supporters in the Republican Party and in the Proud Boys and in the Oath Keepers are now telling the rest of America and the whole world.

It is a complete outrage to say the least.

I can understand it if the statement captured above is coming from some of the third world countries half way around the world like Zaire, Gabon or Sudan or the Gambia or Niger or Chad but the statement is coming from the United States of America of all places, sad to say.

I have never in my wildest imagination believed that it could ever come to this for “the shining city on the Hill” that Ronald Reagan used to speak so eloquently about or about a nation once described by acclamation and consensus as “the best experiment in Human History” and the first country on Earth to land a man on the Moon and to safely bring him back to Earth.

That is what America has become by making the horrendous mistake of electing a monster, so to speak as President in 2016 thru the Abracadabra of the Electoral College Contraption by a candidate who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes to his opponent in 2016 but still went home the winner simply because he has scored 306 out of the votes of 570 handpicked electors in America whose verdict was made to supersede the votes of 137 million Americans who had voted in that election. It was a complete outrage in my opinion.

That said, I would not end this article without commenting on all of the Republican deranged want- to- be candidates for President who think their interest is best served by defending an outlaw like Donald Trump who is now a criminal defendant for stealing Nuclear Secrets and who has been caught redhanded lying about it like a hardened criminal and showing no contrition at all in so doing.

The Republicans defending Trump are now behaving as if they were living in another Planet when President George Bush Senior as Commander- in- Chief had simply ordered the American Military to go out to Panama to pick up President Noriega to come stand trial in America and be jailed for life for committing only a fraction of the crimes their own twice-impeached and twice – indicted Donald Trump has committed.

I look at all the Republicans running for President in 2024 with the exception of Chris Christie, and I call them a bunch of wimps and cowards who are petrified to call a spade a spade in reference to Trump.

I am appalled by them defending the indefensible by siding with the man they plan to defeat in the Primaries because they are scared to death about offending his deranged Republican Base the majority of whom are currently supporting Trump in the opinion polls for the Republican Primaries coming up in about a year from now.

Lunatics like Lyndsey Graham is now claiming that Donald Trump has not committed any crime worse than the ones committed by Hillary and Biden but he could not provide an scintilla of evidence to back up his claim.He simply lied.

I used to think very highly of Lindsey Graham but not anymore. He blows hot and cold all the time, as if he has been hypnotized by Donald Trump.

I take it that any presidential aspirant defending Trump are presumably and predictably telling us that if we elect them, they too would have no problem jeopardizing the security of America pretty much like Trump has done and should therefore be considered unfit for that office too, if you buy my logic.

America committed an abomination the day they got Donald Trump elected to the highest seat of Power in the World, I dare suggest.

The guy is again openly calling for violence from his supporters just like he had done on January 6, 2021.

Do you call that contrition or just an open confession by a repeat offender that he is above the Law and must be treated differently from the rest of us.

If Barack Obama or any of the surviving Presidents of America has committed a fraction of the crimes Trump has committed, Republicans and Donald Trump would be crying wolf and shouting, “Lock him up” like he had done to Hillary after he stole the 2016 Election from her by subterfuge.

If the roles were reversed and Donald Trump were to be one of the 20 candidates running against him now, he, Donald Trump would have be calling them names and telling them to resign for disgracing their Party.

He would have been calling for Thunder to strike them down for shoplifting or stealing Nuclear secrets to be auctioned to a country like Saudi or Iran or China or Russia for Billions of Dollars behind closed doors or under the table.

Donald Trump would gladly sell American top secrets to make money for himself if he could do it and not get caught by Law Enforcement.

How naive and unhinged can Republicans get by supporting an unrepentant criminal like Trump?

It is a legitimate question to ask? I am amazed that the guy is still running around campaigning to be elected President again with his abysmal record in the White House for the 4 years he was in office.

I can see him in his jump suit now quietly making a plea bargain with the powers that be that he would agree to withdraw from the race, if they would show him some clemency to not put him in jail. He is a coward at heart. His talking tough is sheer braggadocio and foolhardiness if you see what I see.

I rest my case.


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