“Being rich is not the birthright of men alone” – Linda Ikeji writes, advice ladies to make their own money and stop depending on men


Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has advised ladies in a recent post she shared on her Instagram page to stop depending on men.

Sharing in a lengthy post, she counseled ladies to learn to make their own money, because being rich is not for men alone.


Linda spoke about this following the requirements some ladies on social media have laid down for their admires and partners.

A part of her post read;

“Dear young lady, I hear you! If that’s how you see life and want to live life, it’s your choice! To each his own. As for me, I’d rather be as rich as those men who must pay me for being beautiful. Being rich is not the birthright of men alone. I’d rather be their contemporary than waiting for their handouts. I know that my greatest superpower as a woman is being financially independent, as this will give me the choice to live life on my own terms, date or marry whoever my heart wants and walk away when it no longer serves me, instead of being forced to stick with a man I can no longer stand because I can’t stand on my own. I want when a man comes into my life, no matter how rich he is, for his money to be a bonus and not my only source of livelihood. And as he gives to me, which I will happily collect, I will give to him in return.”

Linda also mentioned that ladies should learn to break boundaries, build their businesses, and get to a point in their lives when they don’t depend on men to buy them stuff.


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