Balancing Christian life with entertainment tough – Comedian


An on-air personality cum comedian, Odunna Ijendu, aka Pastor Talkingdrum, has said it is very tough for him to have a balanced Christian life in the entertainment industry.

Talkingdrum, who recently made the statement during an exclusive interview with Midweek Entertainment, said he also faced challenges ranging from mental productivity, creating jokes, among others.

 He said, “I face a lot of challenges but I will pick one of the most painful. Everyone thinks and believes you are ok and you may be going through tougher times than them.  They don’t believe or care that we also need love and care. Asking us ‘how are you’ may go a long way.

“All decisions are hard, ranging from mental productivity to creating jokes. I am always on the road from one city to the other, and also, I must make time for my family.


“Doing show preps for my radio show and having to also balance my Christian life in the entertainment industry is very tough.”

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