Amara Nwuneli’s Climate Documentary “The Heat of Change” Premieres at EbonyLife Place


Amara Nwuneli

On Tuesday, December 19, 2023, Amara Nwuneli premiered the film “The Heat of Change” at Ebony Life Place.

Through the tremendous and priceless support from astounding individuals, including Mo Abudu, Wale Oyewole (an award-winning renowned filmographer), Jimmy Tyler, the documentary editor, and her supportive family, the premiere was an extreme success, with the entire theatre filled to the brim with distinguished audience members who flew from as far as Chicago, Enugu, the United Kingdom, and all over the world to attend.

“The Heat of Change” serves as a catalyst for change, fostering global empathy and inspiring sustainable solutions for a better future. Utilising individual stories and personal narratives as a guide for self-reflection on the role one plays in the narrative of climate change and the climate movement.


Through a selected program dedicated to recognizing the power of youth and highlighting the urgent need for dedication and cooperation, this premiere brought together a distinct group of individuals to join the climate conversation.

After a welcome address and prayer, the MC, Ona Ilegbune, urged attendees to reflect on their own God-given talents and what social cause they are passionate about. Kishi Adebayo, a 16-year-old student at Edgewood College, gave a captivating spoken word performance called “Quiet down, the adults are talking.” Highlighting the movements youth have started and powerfully stating, “We want a better tomorrow, right? Then let us encourage our youth to speak up.”

One of the most inspirational parts of the morning was the young Abisayo Engujobi, who came up to speak about her decision to devote her tenth birthday to raising money for Preserve Our Roots. When her friends and family asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said that she wanted them to donate money to the nonprofit organisation Preserve Our Roots. These funds will be channeled towards the building of a public green sustainability park made out of recycled material in Lagos in 2024.

“The voice of the youth is fresh and intelligent; we are aware of the issues we face every single day, and we want to help. We are ready to help once the platform has been provided to us. I urge us all here to listen with an open heart to our voices. It is louder now than ever before..

After the inspiring and heartwarming conversation between Abisayo and Amara, the entire theatre floor was opened up for an engaging discussion session.

The Igwe of Igbakwu, Professor Onuora Nwuneli, commended the support Amara provided when drafting out climate change policies in the east and the fundraising drive she led to rebuild two schools in Anambra. He noted that the same policies that she drafted are now being adopted nationally.
In her remarks, Dr. Orode Doherty shared the health implications of climate change for communities and the importance of raising awareness about sustainable solutions.

There were also noteworthy comments from Chioma BBB, Angelou Ezeilo, and Bola Edwards, as well as a stellar musical performance by David Edwards, who performed his original song “The Singing Tree” from his storytelling climate podcast.


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