Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro: Here’s How to Avoid Falling into Social Media Temptations


The other day, I stumbled upon a thought-provoking video on Instagram. In the video, the speaker delved into the problematic world of contemporary inventions and traps that have ensnared the minds of today’s youth. It’s quite the departure from the days when kids played outdoors, engaged in activities like hopscotch, choreographing dances, and solving puzzles for the sheer joy of it. Nowadays, children are often glued to their smartphones, endlessly seeking more likes and views on platforms like TikTok. Sadly, this pursuit of online validation has even led to the distressing diagnosis of depression among young kids, who are crushed by the disappointment of not receiving enough likes and comments on these apps. 

As the speaker continued, a sudden wave of concern washed over me on behalf of my own children. In this digital age, fear of the impact of social media is a common sentiment. Mothers, for instance, are deeply troubled by the fear that their children may fall prey to negative peer pressure. It’s heartbreaking to see 9 to 10-year-olds aspiring to look like celebrities. This unending cycle of seeking likes and attention can potentially alter their thought patterns. Social media is rapidly evolving into both a blessing and a curse, and concerned parents are doing everything they can to shield their children from its negative influences.

Adults, too, aren’t immune to these challenges. Many people have embarked on social media detoxes due to the anxiety, depression, and loneliness it can foster. However, amidst these challenges, there’s a group of individuals known as content creators who leverage these platforms to earn a living and influence generations with their lifestyles. Simultaneously, there are others who aspire to use social media to share their stories and make a positive impact, but the drawbacks of these apps, including the negative energy and addictive nature, hinder them from taking that step.

I often receive questions from individuals anxious about pursuing a lifestyle through social media. They worry about falling into the trap of getting carried away, obsessing over likes, comments, and engagement to bolster their morale, or becoming fixated on monitoring their post’s performance. On the other hand, some individuals who receive significant engagement may become obsessed with the attention their pages garner, leading to pressure to consistently deliver and perform.


If you are hesitant to use social media due to the fear of failure or success, it’s important to acknowledge that your concerns are valid. However, giving in to these fears can limit your potential and prevent you from fulfilling your plans. There are some insights that I believe will help you navigate through the usage of social media.

One is to exercise self-discipline in managing the time you spend on social media and how you interact with its content.

Another is to maintain your core values and consider how best you can present yourself online without altering your values.

Finally, consistently set aside time for solitude as that would provide you with time to reflect on unique insights and instructions tailored to your life. These insights can serve as guideposts to help you resist the pressure to perform, the need for external validation, and the grip of the fears of success and failure. 




Featured Image by Ketut Subiyanto for Pexels


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