Your Purpose Is Not About You By Adunke Olatunji


    Life does not belong to those that dwell in it but God. Quite often a lot of people have at one time or the other claimed some power and material things, at the end the things they cherished the most were gone and destroyed without being represented forever.

    The purpose we live for is primarily to fulfill the original assignment we are here for, which is propagating humanity. That is, making the world a better place.

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    After the creation, there was a mandate of fruitfulness, dominion and beautification. Simply means, every human being must live to make all other things work including human beings.

    Many have come and gone yet, no impact they made directly or indirectly. Their sojourn on earth was like a snake that passes the top of rock. The best life any man can live is to live for others. For example, those whose rights are trampled upon by the authority, the poor or vulnerable, those that are born with deficiencies and could not enjoy life as it were.

    These amongst others are the basic reasons a life is lived in fulfilment when they are touched. Recently, the Archbishop of South Africa, Desmond Tutu passed on and the world mourned. Tributes flooded the pages of newspapers, all the world leaders sent messages of consolation and, many described his role in matter and issues of his kinsmen when the appartied was the other of the day in South Africa. He spoke, fought, demonstrated and freedom came. His deeds were remembered.

    There are less privileges in our midst. Some are not even handicapped but the reality of the economy has dealt a terrible blow and can not feed. These are the people one can stand up for and give hope by raising their standards of living.

    When you live for yourself without being a benefactor or blessing to people or affecting them positively, it is a useless life. We are not meant to be selfish but caring and loving.

    Making our fellow men and women happy should be our watchword and never stop to do good always.

    It is often said and widely believed that the richest site is the graveyard the best brains that were not utilized and the good that were supposed to be done are buried and covered there, let it be said that you finish well by the time the baton is dropped and the purpose of your presence in the world was practically accomplished.

    Adunke Olatunji.

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