Your Better Self with Akanna: 3 Signs You’re Living A Fake Life


This is harder to do in Nigeria than in developed countries that run credit-based economies. Yet, no matter where you go, you still find people who borrow money (from formal or informal sources) to buy what they cannot ordinarily afford. In school, I knew people who were labeled “the big boys”. They actually went to weekend parties in London sometimes, all the way from Lagos! But would also come to my room sometimes to beg for provisions to eat. Attending weekend parties in London cost them their daily meals, and I guess they were okay with that, as long as their fake lives were on full display for those who didn’t know their true situation to admire. How sad. Peer pressure does not end at school. You still have peers where you work and where you live. Sometimes, to keep up appearances, we choose to enter into competition with them even without their knowledge, buying what they have and doing what they do while suffering immensely in the background.

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