Yoruba : We Have Missed The Road By Adedamola Adetayo



By Prince Adedamola Adetayo

My people, something is definitely doing us but we are very unobservant about the whole thing even as it creeps into our system like cancer to destroy it completely.

We have capitulated to a new order and it’s not as if the new order is good for us. Everywhere you turn, you see things and your mind inevitably goes back to the old ways and you simply shake your head.

On Sunday, 9th January 2022, just 3days ago, before my wife got up from the bed I had entered the kitchen, done the dishes, made breakfast, done some cleaning of the house and everything was ready and fine before I gently woke her up to prepare for church.

I do these things very routinely and cheerfully, I actually enjoy doing it. There are no house chores that I can’t do, absolutely none. I am an expert at baby-sitting and child-rasing matters.

This is the training my mother gave to me.


My late dad was even far more efficient. He was such an excellent cook. Those days in the middle 1980s when I used to visit my dad at the NEPA’s housing estate in Jebba-Niger State called “Life Camp” you will marvel at his dexterity in the kitchen and his ability to organize the house chores.

I bet his own mother gave him the training too.

And it wasn’t all about cooking and house chores alone, MORALS were brutally inculcated into us in those days.

You learnt MORALS from your parents, neighbourhood, Schools, Television and the Churches/Mosques of those days.

Till this day, even at my age of over 50years, I couldn’t walk past an elderly person ANYWHERE, whether known or unknown to me, and not make a gesture of bowing my head in greeting for the person.

Till today, I couldn’t sit down in a bus or any public space while I watch an elderly person on his/her feet. No, I can’t do it. We were trained to STAND UP for that person to sit.

I couldn’t even sit down in a bus or public space and watch a lady on her feet within the same space. We were taught to be gentlemen.

My vocabulary for insult words is so limited I couldn’t survive in any exchange of abusive words with anyone. I wasn’t taught to insult People, even those much younger than me.

Except for once in year 2000, when a tenant tried to insult my mother, I have never in my adulthood been locked in a fight with anyone. I have never had cause to report anyone to the police, never being reported and I have never seen a court room.

When we were in school, Teachers will drive sense into our heads. You couldn’t try to be a late-comer, a crook, a hooligan, truant or laid back in any way. Even the Jakande public schools we went were that efficient, how much more the other more organised schools?

These are the kinds of training many of us in my generation got.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the children of the Elites of those days, the “Ajebutters” often got even stricter trainings than us the “Ajepako” children of the middle class parents. You will be surprised that the kids in such homes often have better morals and were far more respectful than the those of the poor folks.

Their parents trained them to be so because they themselves evolved from a CULTURE AND TRADITION that demanded you inculcated MORALS AND DISCIPLINE in your children when they were young.

It was a CULTURE AND TRADITION thing, not necessarily our voluntary making. It was a responsibility DEMANDED of Parents by the SOCIETY.

So, what happened?

The People who came after us AIMED AT THE CULTURE AND TRADITIONS. When you have pulled down a People’s SHARED VALUES of culture and traditions you need not attack them physically any more, they will kill themselves by themselves, gradually and steadily.

This is what is happening.

We have broken down the family units. We have stopped training our children in the right path, the way we were trained to be good people. We have stopped teaching our children the language of our fathers. We train our children to be “confident” which invariably means they MUST always “stand their grounds” be aloof at all times, always have their way and very unwittingly we have trained them to be disrespectful and monstrous bullies.

A brother was telling me yesterday of a mere child who insulted him and his own elder brother at an eatery in Magodo. And you couldn’t even reprimand the child, the mother will be on your neck.

A child of less than 12years of age put fire in a supermarket in Abuja and just burnt it down. It’s part of the freedoms she was taught. At the DOWEN College, a child was bullied until it resulted into his death, I can imagine the bullies are having fun in their various homes by now.

In many homes now, even mine, children will be repeatedly reminded to greet elders and visitors.

I have seen many scenes of a mother insisting that her child must sit down while a very old man could die standing in same space. They don’t care.

Unlike in the past, you wouldn’t dare in today’s world to briefly reprimand a Neighbour’s child for any reason. Where will you even meet the neighbours children when everyone has locked and comfined his children within the high-walls of his house or firmly inside his flat. Even People living in face-me-i-face-you rooming apartments manage to lock in their children.

We have become a crazy People.

We have broken the communal solidarity of good Neighbourliness.

We have disconnected and completely broken faith with our roots and ancestors. We hardly go to our villages and very rarely go with our children.

We deride even our own native language and in many homes outrightly discourage our children from speaking it.

We are stuck to strange values from foreign lands, things that aren’t our and aren’t useful to us or compatible with our own realities.

Now, inevitably we have arrived at the point of destroying our last hope of redemption – Our SPIRITUALITY is now under attack.

The Pastorprenuers are unrelenting in their task of ensuring a complete demonization of our Spirituality, the ONLY thing that we have left in YORUBA land that has defended us from this relentless harrassment that is aiming at attacking our very existence.

OBAS now routinely abandon their Spiritual responsibilities and go dancing around Churches and Mosques.

The corpses of our OBAS can now be brought outside like bags of rice to be displayed.

We now have a man like OLUWO sitting on ancient throne in the same Yoruba land.

An OBA in Ogun State dies in car accident, one was shot to death right inside his palace in Ondo, many others were routinely kidnapped and a mere woman, a so-called Olori found the nerves to divorce a sitting Oonirisa on social media.

And we are not seeing all these as signs of doom???

In Ogun State recently, a Governor is signing a bill that will allow an OBA to ascend the throne without Traditional Rites, the VERY RITES that make him and fortified him as an OBA.

Can you imagine the FOOLISHNESS!!!!

The man who wants to become AN OBA wasn’t going to be forced into the throne o, he will come by himself and ask for it. He wants the throne and previleges but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the very powers that has kept the throne till this day that he was able to meet it.

He will rather destroy it.

These people are being instigated to DESTROY YORUBA LAND.

And it’s just the beginning.

When the Gods are going to strike a man, they will first cause him to be foolish.

They are going to FAIL, very woefully so, because in their own good time the Gods will rise to ask them questions that they will never be able to answer.

Not even the BRITISH and their hoards of MISSIONARIES, even in their cunning, for OVER 500 YEARS were able to destroy IFÁ and any of the deities.

They will ALWAYS be there because they are the TRUTH!

The earlier we wake up from our irresponsible slumber and complacency the better for us.


*© Adedamola Adetayo*

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