World Apartheid Over COVID Vaccine By Akintayo Akin-Deko

By Akintayo Akin-Deko

A huge Thank You to our South African brothers and sisters for discovering and raising the alarm about OMICRON and thereby keeping faith with the biblical injunction of being our brothers’ keepers.

What commentators have failed to emphasize is that this latest COVID variant very likely DID NOT ORIGINATE in South Africa and was probably already entrenched within the borders of many Western Nations long before their obnoxious panic border closures. This is what makes their knee-jerk action an obnoxious affront to all things decent

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I would remind our non-African leaders that given our love-hate relationship with the West, Africans have unnatural affinity to the West. Yes, you murdered our forefathers, raped our foremothers and stole our resources, but you also brought us a parody of enlightenment, on which we are trying to build a new life.

Even if we have not forgotten history, we have generally forgiven these atrocities; but that does not make us stupid.

Our younger generation are assailed every day by your transmissions of both the good and bad in the world. Frustrated by lack of development in Africa, an increasing number of our youth have stopped listening to the wise words of us elders to be patient .

Instead, they try every means to get to the illusory Eldorado you portray the West to be. Many drown trying, or end up in Libyan gulags thereby reinforcing the frustration of those that have stayed behind in Africa

God forbid, but what happens if due to that frustration, the savvier and more frustrated amongst our African youth decide to borrow a page from the example set by your European neighbors in Belarus and Russia by weaponizing migration. In that eventuality, it won’t be a few terrorists that might be smuggled into your countries amongst their illegal immigrants but a small army of OMICRON infected desperadoes.

Like I said, God forbid.

So let us tread more carefully and less selfishly. You simply must share the vaccine, facilitate development of Africa for we residents and be grateful to God for diligent scientists in South Africa and elsewhere

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