Woman shares how she handled the situation after not being invited to her friend’s event


A Nigerian woman has taken to Twitter to share how she handled the situation after not being invited to her friend’s party.

According to @Gbemisoke, she felt bad when she wasn’t invited to her friend’s event, but instead of taking it personal and jumping into conclusions about why her friend choose not to invite her, she decided to reach out to her friend.


During their conversation, she realized that her friend had invited her months earlier, but she totally forgot to register for the event.

Following her experience, Gbemisoke noted that it’s better to talk to people about their perceived misgivings first, instead of jumping into conclusions.

Sharing a screenshot of their chat, she tweeted,

“Me, seeing my friend post about her upcoming event, feeling some type of way about not getting invited🥺💔
Me choosing to talk to my friend first, instead of about them, reminding myself that the story I’m telling myself (they don’t want me there) is not the only version possible.

She sent me the link since January. I acknowledged it & procrastinated till I forgot.
And here I was today, using my super power of jumping to conclusions, telling myself that if I was really her friend, she would’ve invited me and I guess she doesn’t really rate me.

Meanwhile since I’ve started reminding myself that I don’t always have all the information and making the choice to talk to my people first, before I talk about them, my relationships have improved.
I check in and clarify, because that’s what I would like my people to do for me too.”


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