Widowhood Is Transient–Adunke Olatunji


No matter how long the night may be, it will surely turn to day. The long narrow and dark tunnel will see light. The above are the commonest figurative expressions known for ages and, loaded with meaning. In lay man’s interpretation, it could mean no matter how difficult and gloomy a situation may look, solution will definitely appear. Whatever comes to be must come to pass.
Hardly is there anyone in this life without a mixture of up and down. Life is a combination of the good, the bad and the ugly however, no case has ever been proved to be the worst because someone’s situation can only be better or worse.
The challenges of today to some would have been surmounted in the past, by another. What we go through in life is a function of time which dictates who actually we are. Every man is expected to go through pregnancy before existing in the world to take his place. Life ,sure will take its toll while delivering the goodies available to whoever the odds favour.

Naturally, it is expected that the existence of our being on Earth is the precondition that death is imminent. We must exist to leave or quit the world stage. We are actors that act and leave the stage for the next in line. Married or unmarried, death must come. So, regardless of the status all must die.
However, in a situation where husband or wife dies, it expressly and automatically cast a new name or status on the partner – Widow/Widower.

Widowhood is impermanent, short time and a flash. Wondering how some sections of the society associate lots of encumbrances to make it live longer in our memory and stay forever like a natural status. Though, taking cognisance of the socio-economic environment we live, it may be a factor for demography. Another reason might be traditional. Beyond these reasons, widowhood is not for a long and absurd memories it creates. The consciousness of living above widowhood should be emphasised.

It is dangerous to stay and dwell in this period beyond its circle. The average period in this instance though, varies from culture to culture but must not exceed a whole year. This period is in tune with the traditionalists such as idol worshipers, herbalists, kings e.t.c.
In most cases they are not allowed to marry as they traditionally become the wives of the next king (if he wishes) but if not, they remain in the palace or family house. This idea is antithetical to the goals and objectives of some women especially if they are still young and full of energies to make things happen. This may translate to boredom and convert them to live in shadow of their past simply because freedom is denied and what seems to have been temporary snowballs into an unchallenged longevity.


Adunke Olatunji
Tabitha New Life Foundation

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