Why Share Negative News and Ignore Positive Developments By Olugbenga Adebamiwa


It is worth noting that individuals who consistently choose to share negative news and events on social media while disregarding positive ones are often labeled as sadistic and pessimistic in nature. These terms describe behavioral tendencies that focus on the negative aspects of life and prioritize sharing or dwelling on unpleasant experiences.

Sadism refers to the enjoyment or gratification derived from the suffering or unhappiness of others. In the context of sharing bad news on social media, it implies that individuals find satisfaction in disseminating negative information or highlighting unfortunate events. This behavior may stem from various factors, such as a desire to evoke strong emotions in others or to elevate their own sense of superiority.

On the other hand, a pessimistic nature is characterized by a consistently negative perspective on life and a tendency to anticipate negative outcomes. Those with this disposition are more prone to overlook positive news and occurrences because they focus on and give more weight to the negative aspects of any given situation. By fixating on unfavorable events, they inadvertently overshadow positive experiences and contribute to an overall climate of cynicism.

It is important to acknowledge that there may be various reasons why individuals choose to share predominantly negative news on social media. Some may argue that they wish to draw attention to important issues, initiate discussions, or raise awareness about certain societal problems. However, when this behavior becomes a pattern and positive news is consistently ignored, it can distort and imbalance one’s perception of the world.

To bring everything to a point , individuals who habitually share bad news and disregard the good on social media can be seen as sadistic and pessimistic due to their focus on negativity and potential enjoyment in causing distress. It is crucial to maintain a balanced perspective and actively seek out both positive and negative news in order to have a more accurate understanding of the world around us. By adopting a more holistic approach, we can cultivate a more positive online environment and contribute to a collective sense of well-being.




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