Who says American President is the Most powerful Man in the World? By Wumi Akintide


……… We have to give that to President Xi of China.

Yes America is arguably the most powerful country in the World but that does not make its President the most powerful man in the World because there are just too many contradictions baked into the Governing System and its supreme Law which is the American Constitution which has been described in some quarters as the 8th Wonder of the World.

The Electoral College improvisation baked into the Constitution is a provision that has outlived its usefulness in my opinion and one that needs to be revisited or amended or jettisoned in a Democracy where a simple Majority ought to always carry the day.

It is only in America where Donald Trump had lost the popular vote by 3 million votes in 2016 but still managed to be declared the winner thru the Abracadabra of the Electoral College.

The compulsive liar had wanted to repeat the same feat in 2020 after he lost the popular vote to Joe Biden by close to 8 million votes and is he now planning and plotting with his Republican Base to make it harder for the Blacks, the Browns and the Minorities in America to vote. He wants their votes discountenanced all together if they manage to find a way to vote.

He is now hoping to empower returning officers in the states controlled by the Republicans to only certify as the winner only the candidate they like and not the one who has gotten the highest vote.


That is why the Osama Bin Laden of January 6 and the Republicans are doing everything to kill the John Lewis Voters Right legislation now pending in the US Senate.

What exactly do you call that in Democracy where Freedom, Liberty and Justice have now become an empty slogan rather than a meaningful creed or orthodoxy.That is America for us today.

Filibuster in Congress was not a product of the American Constitution. It was an aberration improvised by members of the US Senate and designed to defeat a simple majority rule when it suits their whim and caprices and jettisoned when it does not.

It is another decoy which plays out pretty much like the Electoral College contraption mentioned earlier on.

The hands of the American President are tied by all of these man-made devices and contraptions to use his so- called bully pulpit of the White House to get anything done for the American people and even for the whole World at large.

America is the only country in the world where two senators in the same Party like Joe Manchin or Kristen Sinema or John McCain in the Republican Party can hold their Party or the whole nation to ransom if their Party controls a very slim majority in the House or in the Senate like we are finding out now.

Another observation that boggles the mind about America is their
attitude to lying. A country founded and nurtured on the Judeo Christian Principle of “tell the truth and the truth shall make you free” is so tolerant of most of their leaders who tell lies upon lies and are not beingr made to pay a price when they are caught red-handed.

That is because America has given room to two types of lies. Lying is not considered a lie if it is not told under oath. That is why Donald Trump has been telling lies upon lies to cause a major insurrection like the January 6 Coup by radicalizing members of the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys and the QAnon to take up arms against their own country and to destabilize America thru violence and gun violence and intimidation of people they disagree with.

Where does America go from here and doesn’t that weaken the President of the country and all of her major institutions that are designed to guarantee Law and Order in the country?

If you don’t call that a Banana Republic, I don’t know what else to call it

America is the only country on Earth where a former President who lost an election would still be allowed to go around the country spreading falsehood and causing problems and mayhem and civil disobedience galore for his successor and getting away with it. There can only be one President at a time. Today to quote Joe Biden, “America does not just have 2 in Biden and Trump but 51” I call that a recipe for Anarchy for any country.

The American polity is cracked and will soon collapse when a Democrat wins a seat in a by- election and her Republican opponent refuses to concede defeat just like Donald has refused to concede and is openly sponsoring a coup to destabilize the whole country by sowing division and distrust almost making the whole country ungovernable just because he lost an election.

How for goodness sake can the President in charge of that anarchy be called the most powerful man in the World?

I rest my case.

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