I think we are missing some vital points here and these are very dangerous times when silence can’t be golden and Omolúàbí gentility can be a self-injury

Our Elders say when the child rises up after a misstep which saw him sprawling on the ground, his first objective is to run happily forward and continue on his journey.

It is the way of innocent children, they couldn’t know any better and that is why they are kids.

But when an adult faces similar situation it is expected of him to study that environment and determine exactly what brought him down in the first place. He may continue on his journey only after assuring himself that the fall wasn’t a premonition of evil or a bad omen or perhaps something physical, like a stone which his eyes missed and which he had to remove from the spot so he won’t fall a second time.

When an adult doesn’t do that then he becomea a mere child, a FOOL.


Why am I saying this?

I got a report just now from Amuwo-odofin LGA concerning what transpired in the Amuwo-odofin Estate, what the IGBO ZIONISTS did under the deceitful banner of the OBIDIENT MOVEMENT at the 2023 Presidential Elections.


RIght from the onset of the Obidient Movement in Lagos I told everyone that the SOLE OBJECTIVE AND AGENDA of that Movement wasn’t about Giringory Obi wining the Presidency but for the IGBOS TO CORNER THE POLITICAL POWER OF LAGOS STATE.

That was the plan. It is a plan their great-grandfather have nursed for about a 100years now.

I sounded out the warning severally. Obi didn’t ever plan to win that election but he was commissioned and energized by the CABALS in Abuja to do the dirty job of destabilizing Asiwaju Bola Tinubu from his Lagos base and thereafter get his IGBO PEOPLE rewarded the long sought political power of Lagos.

If Asíwájú had lost the Presidential Elections of 25 February 2023, Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour would VERY CERTAINLY have emerged as winner of the follow up Guber elections in Lagos State and then, very sadly, Yoruba land would have begun to crumble from Lagos.

That was it.

1. They already bought half of Lagos over the last 40years with proceeds of DRUG TRAFFICKING and sundry crimes including financial crimes in official banking quarters.
These guys had tonnes of money to buy Lagos 100% if offered the opportunity.

Don’t kid yourself, what happened in Lagos was LAND GRABBING. Invading a people with proceeds of crime to buy their lands is as good as STEALING THEIR LANDS.

2. Over the last 40years they have been moving their population into Lagos in Izu Chikwu, Ekeson and Osondu Night Buses so you won’t have noticed as the population was growing and swelling under your noses.

3. Now they are flanking out to Ibadan in the North, Abeokuta/Yewa to the West and Ijebu/Ondo to the East.

They are trying to envelope and box Lagos in, making it difficult for the Yoruba people to get reinforcement from upcountry when the ZIONISTS eventually activate their ESN AND UGM cells in Lagos, something they will most definitely and eventually do some day.

It is a phase in the ZIONISTS manual and they nearing it.

4. The people and agencies controlling these things are the same ones controlling the RELIGION POWER HOUSES of PENTECOSTALISM, WAHHABISM and now what is strongly emerging and called IFA RELIGION.

They are all in the control business.

They are funding these Religious people, including our IFA Priests who are now gradually turning into IFApreneurs running after money ‘all over the world under the guise of promoting ÌSÈSE.

They are killing our spirituality and powers, the one thing the whole world fear about Yoruba people aside our uncommon intelligence

They are dividing us, destroying our CUSTOMS and pulling us away from our RALLYING POINTS. We are being gradually emasculated and made very vulnerable.

5. The same Igbo Zionists are massively building the Catholic church parishes in every corners of land where they stay. They make you believe that they are traditionally and predominantly catholics but in truth those catholic parishes are more or less ESPIONAGE centers available to the Igbos to carry out all many of manybnefarious activities on your land while hiding under the protection of religion and Vatican.

6. In Lagos, those people, aided by the CABALS and Power Centers of Abuja had INEC open up several POLLING UNITS in Igbo dominated places like Oshodi-Isolo, Amuwo-odofin, Ajeromi Ifelodun, Ọjọ and Eti-Osa LGAS, also in their Catholic churches where they had free access to do massive voter registrations for mainly Igbo people including those hundreds of thousands they hurriedly TRANSFERRED FROM THE EAST INTO LAGOS TO COME AND VOTE!!!!!

7. Then the Cabals and Power Centers provided them with FIERCE-LOOKING SOLDIERS to aid them under the guise of providing security for Lagos.

Hours before the election of that day, the Soldiers clamped many of the Yoruba enforcers down at home, practically detained in their house e.g MC Oluomo in Oshodi, Oba Jaffo in IBA/OJO and many others in places of predominant Igbo population.

The IGBO ZIONISTS aka Obidients had field day to themselves alone massively voting and rigging for Obi, IN LAGOS.

Meanwhile, they chased away Yoruba people from polling units right at the point of Voter Registration to actual voting day.

They did all that LAGOS.

And all the while, we had some of our own untrained Youths with them. We had imbeciles like Dele Farotimi with them. We had so many naive, ignorant and foolish people with them who thought it was mere politics and not knowing it was ZIONISM playing out right under their noses and it is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT which may soon wipe us out of our homeland if care is not taken.

8. And they got away with it.

And they are still there, they will NEVER give up but keep trying until you are stampeded and blackmail into giving them what they want, what they want is YOUR LAND, something they will NEVER EVER give you an inch of in their own South-East.

I have heard that in VGC, the IGBOS are literally stampeding our Yoruba people out of the estate, forcing them to sell their properties in a hurry and quitting the estate for them to take over.

They will buy it at any cost, the objective is to make the estate an All-Igbo estate which they can dominate and make into a small garrison for their IPOB.

it is what has happened in Festac town, most part of Old Ikoyi, Palmgroove Estate, Ilupeju, Satellite town and gradually now in Ikeja GRA.

They STEAL your land and convert it into n IGBO COLONY and then tell you it is “No Man’s Land”

9. My people don’t seem to understand what is going on because it is happening at a fast rate

These same people are the ones bent on sabotaging the Presidency of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Joe Ajaero’s NLC wants the Government to hand over all the revenue to ” Nigerian workers” a people who are probably less than 5% of the total population, most of them in the THIEFING CIVIL SERVICE where they already cornered half the revenue of the various Governments into their private accounts.

Joe Ajaero’s NLC failed to notice their Labour Party Governor of Abia State who is unable to pay N30,000 minimum wage. They haven’t bothered to go lock up the Abia Secretariat.

The priority of Joe Ajaero’s NLC enforcement team is Lagos and Yoruba states. They need to hatefully paralyse those states.

They shut down a whole NATIONAL GRID to enforce a stupid strike. Who does that.

I can imagine they and their Fulani puppeteers are running the Forex deals too. How Yemi Cardozo is unable to tame the Forex deals.is what I don’t understand.

10. Now check the result of the 2023 Presidential Elections in KANO.

Giringory’s Labour Party only managed to score a paltry 28,513 votes!!!!

28,513 in a Kano State where there were over 5m registered voters and nearly 2m voting.

Igbos have been going to and living in Kano many decades before their mind and attention switched to Lagos.

There can’t be less than ONE MILLION IGBO PEOPLE IN KANO.

What happened?

They knew not to come out to vote or express their ETHNIC characters in Kano. Obi didn’t even bother to do Market-to-Market Campaigns in Kano.

But they did it in Lagos.

At the last Guber elections in Òsun which produced the nuisance dancer as Governor, Hon. Yusuf Lasun, the LABOUR PARTY CANDIDATE got less than 2,000 votes from the whole state whereas there must be several hundreds of thousands of Igbos in Osun all of whom were supporters of Obi and LP..They didn’t vote Yusuf Lasun of LP but the son and husband of their kinsmen, Ademola Adeleke, a who is more or less Igbo himself.


They would never have dreamt to try that in Sokoto.

But we take everything in Yoruba land. We are nice and accommodating. This is not wisdom at all. It is a collective foolishness.


© Adedamola Adetayo
10 June 2024

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