What Joe Biden needs to do and must continue to do By Wumi Akintide


What Joe Biden needs to do and must continue to do and sound like in every appearance in defending why his Biden/Harris ticket remains the surest option and the best bet to defeat Trump in November.

Biden needs to be more combative and more emphatic about why he would not withdraw from the race as a matter of conviction because he knows and he and his team are convinced that they are going to win handily because the great majority of the voters are going to fully understand that the alternative the country is going to be faced with in Donald Trump and his MAGA insurrectionists is totally unsustainable and unacceptable.

He should always be ready and prepared to tell everybody that It’s not going to happen on his watch and that he knows in his heart and soul that it’s not going to happen based on his close to 50 years as a public servant in many capacities and as a strong believer in America who unconditionally loves America and has dedicated his entire life to serve the country.

He must say loud and clear why he passionately believes that Donald Trump should never again be allowed to get anywhere near the corridors of power once the voters fully assimilate and understand what Trump is planning to do and how he plans to end Democracy in America and to replace it with Dictatorship and Autocracy by his own admission in writing and on tape.

He must continue to emphasize that he and his team are the only ones who have defeated Trump before and are going to do it again with a wider margin than before because he and his Administration have performed creditably and they need 4 more years to finish up the job.


That has always been his promise to America and he is going to keep the promise.

He should always let his audience know that he is a Catholic and that he believes in his heart and soul that he is going to beat Trump because what Trump is offering America is an abomination the country cannot afford.

He must remind his audience in every appearance that he had entered the race in 2020 to do just that and and that he is determined more than ever to complete the job and to send Donald Trump back to the turkey Farm where he belongs.

That is why he walks around with a copy of the Project 2025 in his mind and that he urges all of the American voters to read and to digest the terrible document like he and his team have done.

The document is so bad that even Donald Trump the pathological liar and sociopath is now running away from it condemning it as an abomination while trying to keep his distance from it even though it was compiled with his knowledge and approval.

He, Trump, is not just telling the truth and Joe Biden is not going to let him get away from being held accountable for all of the crimes he has committed.

He should let his audience know there is no going back for him and Kamala Harris. They are going to Chicago to accept the nomination of their Party to go get the job done in November and they are surely going to win.

He should therefore urge all of his listeners to keep the faith, and to not give any room for panic or doubt as advised by Senator Fedderman of Pennsylvania and so many others in the Party who are still standing with him.

This should be the kind of combative response he must continue to give to few of the Democrats still nursing any modicum of doubt about his candidacy and prospect.

He must continue to reassure his audience he is determined to get the job done and and that he still has the energy and the stamina to reach the promised land and to deliver for the people.

If is damn too late in the race to be thinking of a divisive and polarizing alternative at the Convention in Chicago.

The stakes are just too high. The Party needs not waste their time trying to convince Biden to withdraw. He has been to the Mountain top like the great Martin Luther King and there is no going back for him. He would not have entered the race, if he was convinced he could not win.

God has given him the enablement and the empowerment at his age to be the one to stop Donald Trump and he is poised to do it, one more time.

God had not allowed him to be Senator for 36 years and Vice President for 8 years and now President for 4 years despite all of the adversities he , Joe Biden had survived and endured in his life before facing his current challenge to take out the loser and the sucker who is currently running against him.

“Forward ever and backward never” Donald Trump has to be defeated. and he would be defeated in November.

You have heard it from Joe Biden and it is not a Hyperbole or an empty promise based on Donald Trump’s track record which are well documented and known to the voters including his attempt to corrupt the Supreme Court.

Did Biden perform well in the first debate. He himself has acknowledged he has not.

The next question is which of the candidates has a better record to run on to guarantee victory in November?

The clear answer to that question is Joe Biden without any iota of doubt.

Performance at either of the two debates is desirable but is never the ultimate decider or the killer Whale.

Having a record to run on is more critical for the voters. Joe Biden has that record and he is going to win, trust me.

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