We Rise By Lifting Others By Adunke Olatunji


Have you ever been in a function where you knew no one and felt slightly cautious to make a connection? If you watch little children in the same scenario, they delight in meeting other children like themselves. Sooner they meet, they start playing and enjoying life. They do not care if they’ve just met, they will play to their hearts’satisfaction and even share one cookie among five. Their race, culture, or their names notwithstanding.

That is the purity of human souls. You are created to be a social being. To make meaningful relations and show kindness to one another. The cultural background, upbringing and life experiences make usforget who we are. Instead, we’re more careful to help strangers, to show kindness or to share with the less fortunate.

What It Really Means to “Rise by Lifting Others”
But what if, by showing kindness to others we are indeed showing it to ourselves? That the gratitude of those we helped, reflects back in our souls to start an endless ripple of joy and life’s purpose?

The quote by Robert Ingersoll tells us that to be lifted, encouraged or happy we have to uplift, cheer and make others happy. Our answers to life’s purpose and happiness is hidden in others, and only the key of kindness can unlock them. When we encourage someone, we get refreshed. When we share with the less fortunate, their gratitude makes our own problems look insignificant.


We cannot do this while still in our cocoons. We have to step out and be vulnerable with one another which is scary but brave.
A reminder to be the encouraging and understanding friend, the one who spreads love, positivity, joy, smiles andq laughter….and who always, always spreads kindness.

Lifting others is not an act of cowardice, it’s being different from what the world has taught. Do you want to be happy today? Start by being kind to someone, the world needs more of that.

Adunke Olatunji
Tabitha New Life Foundation

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