“We Need To Wake Up”- Media Personality, Destiny Amaka Urges Africans to Prioritize Sex Education for Children

Destiny Amaka Urges

Media personality Destiny Amaka has emphasized the urgent need for Africans to establish a safe and open environment where children can learn and discuss matters related to sex.

Taking to her Instagram story, she expressed concern over the alarming situations unfolding behind closed doors and questioned where children are acquiring their knowledge about sex.

In her thought-provoking post, she called on African communities to wake up and address the lack of proper sex education for children.


She stressed the importance of creating a safe space where young individuals can freely ask questions and receive accurate information about sexuality, relationships, and consent.

The media personality’s statement has sparked conversations and drawn attention to the pressing need for comprehensive sex education in African societies.

Many have agreed with her sentiments, acknowledging the potential dangers of children obtaining misguided information from unreliable sources or engaging in risky behaviors due to a lack of guidance.

By allowing an environment that encourages open communication for Children and provides accurate information.

African communities need to ensure the safety, health, and informed decision-making of the younger generations.

As the discussion continue, it has created quite a stir online, with various mixed comments on her opinion, with many looking forward to positive changes in sex education practices within the continent.

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