Watch Sharon Ojong’s Fashion Film “Children of God” for Rekana’s Latest Collection


It is said that every being runs from something. It could be a person, perhaps, a sin. It could also be ourselves.

Directed by AMVCA Nominee, Uche Odoh, Children of God is a short film that tells a story about a distressed man. A short yet relatable story that leaves you in awe. The 11-mins non-dialogue film passes a message of inclusion and acceptance.


“God is love and the church is open to all”.

In the first few minutes of the film, a man is seen running toward a church, confessing his sins to the Reverend. One thing to note is the church: the acceptance, the love, and the devotion. It portrays the meaning of the quote “the church is open to all”. Regardless of the baggage you carry, the grief your heart holds, the church is there waiting on you to come and be free. Come and be accepted, come and be at peace.

Throughout the film, one could see the flash of colors and the yellow adire attire that showed the beauty of the characters. Asides from the man seeking acceptance, one could see the joy in each character. The acceptance and comfort they showed.

These characters made it beautiful to watch and the soundtrack made the viewer feel included. You feel like a part of the film. One could imagine themselves as a character wearing the adire attire.

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