Until men realize women nag because of love and women realize men shout at them because of love, marriages will continue to break – Shan George

Veteran Nollywood actress, Shan George has taken to her social media page to share her opinion on why married couples divorce easily.

In a post shared on her IG story, the thespian opined that marriages end because men and women haven’t come to the realization that they nag and quarrel with each other out of love.


According to her, until both husband and wives realize that their fights and quarrels are done out of love, marriages will continue crashing.

She wrote on Tuesday, April 26,

“Until men begin to realise that women nag bcos of love, and women begin to realise that men quarrel and shout at their wives bcos of love, marriages will continue to break as easily as clay plates.”

Shan George

A while ago, Shan George made a case for ‘Babymamas’ all over the world.

According to Shan, there is no such thing as a single mother, rather it is society that brings up words to make people feel small about themselves

No woman is a single mother. There’s mother and there’s father. Simple. Society is always looking for words to use for people to feel small and inadequate about themselves.


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