Trump At It Again: Sponsoring Anarchy and Total Breakdown of Law and Order By Wumi Akintide



A sore loser who should be under house arrest because he has become a security threat to the country is going all over the country announcing his intention to run again and openly sponsoring another coup and an organized campaign of Misinformation and Deceit which could make the country to become totally ungovernable.

What are the 4 surviving former Presidents of America or the leaders of thought in America doing to avert the train wreck? I see very little from my own end but I don’t know about you?

To me the former surviving Presidents and the movers and shakers of power in America are playing the fiddle like Emperor Nero while their whole country is burnt down to arches by a delusional and outlaw narcissist who could care less.

Americans should be sick and tired of Joe Biden and his senile and weak Attorney General running scare to use the power they have been given by the people in a free and fair election to stop the deterioration into total anarchy which is what Donald Trump and elements like Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell are actively and proactively promoting as we speak.

Who is going to save the country from the inferno and conflagration which is being set in motion in plain sight?

Mafia Boss Steve Bannon in his foolhardiness just admitted to the whole world that the outlaw big loser and twice-impeached Donald Trump is still prima facie running the country.


He was damn right
The very hour Steve Bannon had refused to honor a Congressional Subpoena should have been the very hour he got a notice from a competent DOJ that a case of criminal contempt is going to be filed against him and his cohorts in the same boat.

I am not making up the story. I am only repeating a charge that has been repeatedly made on most television channels all over America by investigative journalists all over the country and by many distinguished individuals like Dr. Fiona Hill and General McCaffery, if you have been listening like I do.

The deaf and dumb Attorney General Garland is behaving as if nothing at all has gone wrong under his predecessor William Barr.

It was a great disaster and a huge error of judgment for Joe Biden to have picked Judge Garland out of a long list of better candidates he could have considered.

I said it before and I would say it again at the risk of being immodest that Joe Biden had committed an unforgivable blunder by picking Judge Garland who is behaving as if he is in that office for life and that his gross incompetence or inertia do not have a negative impact on the image or the perception of the President who picked him.

He could be the best Judge in America, he is surely a misfit for Attorney General for a President who came to office promising to come change the World and to make America a better place from the Dictatorship and racist Hell that Donald Trump had wanted to turn America into.

There is just too much for America to lose if it continues down this path. That is my worry and that ought to be the concern and agony of all Americans

In fact Joe Biden had gone to Europe to tell NATO and the Group of 7 Economic Giant Countries that America is back.

Back to what is the question I am inclined to ask Biden face-to-face, if I am allowed by protocol to ask that question.

If this were happening in Haiti or Papua Guinea talk less of Nigeria, I won’t be perplexed at all or raising this question? But this is happening in America of all places and all rational Americans should be astounded and worried sick that Law and Order are breaking down in America as we speak.

Nobody who has listened to Rachel Maddow and Laurence O’Donnell and Joy Reid, Harvard Constitutional lawyer Laurence Tribe and to CNN and most Cable Channels and even the Social Media yesterday and today would not now conclude that America has turned into a Banana Republic of Lawlessness under the 4 years of Donald Trump and little attempt is being made by Joe Biden to either declare a state of Emergency which was what Donald Trump was planning to do to keep himself in office by force before he was stopped by some miracle or sheer accident of History on January 6.

What Democrats and Joe Biden and his Attorney General do to Democracy in response to the outlaw inclinations of Donald Trump and his lackeys matter more at this moment than at any time in American History.

I am not suggesting that Joe Biden and Judge Garland should be seen as the only culprits. I see a collective guilt that each and everyone of us cannot be excused or spared from, if the truth be told.

How for goodness sake can the corrupt and twice-impeached Donald Trump be talking of being a candidate or winning in 2024, if he is held accountable for all of his criminal violations including staging a coup on January 6, if he is prosecuted and tried in the Court of Law for all of his atrocities?

In what other countries of the World are coup plotters being treated with kid gloves like we are witnessing today in America? I cannot think of one.

Is the DOJ or the FBI or the Biden Administration so scared of Donald Trump that they could not even take him to Court.

Is the Judiciary so weakened, so compromised and so corrupted in America that no Court of Law would convict Trump and put him in house arrest like any other corrupt Head of State anywhere in the World would have been treated to give peace a chance?

It is a big shame that the Democrats could not even unite to do what they have to do even to make John Manchin and Seneca come around to even support Joe Biden’s Agenda they have all run on to come to power last November?

It is just my own opinion freely expressed in a country that claims to be the Bastion of Democracy around the World and where dissent is not criminalized like in most Dictatorships around the World.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide


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